Vox Populli for The SAC Budget


The worth of money is determined by the way you spend it.

 With wads of notes gushing into the SAC every year, acting as an impetus to the plethora of activities, call it the pillar of success of the fests, call it the foundation of the smooth running of different societies, these ‘funds’ definitely form an inevitable part of the whole business. What is again more crucial is the apt allocation of these funds so that they are channelized in the right direction.

Amidst the chaos of SAC budget being approved without the consent of the students, Team MM decided to conduct a poll to analyse the views of the aam-junta of NITR on how far the SAC budget distribution was satisfactory this academic year.

With a mighty 70.2%, majority of the votes was casted for the second option which stated that students should have been consulted before making the distribution of the funds. This implies the pronounced dissatisfaction and discontentment among the populace of NITR. Different societies have different requirements. The sine qua non for the steady functioning of these societies and clubs can be best determined by the students who are continuously associated with them. The hue and cry of the mass still lingers over the fact that the lion’s share of the funds has been allocated to the cultural activities thereby leaving the technical society deprived. Also, the more fund allocation towards the multi ethnic fest as compared to the technical society may be another primary cause of the very transparent dismay. The major chunk of the population hereby raises its voice as the institute’s ‘technical proportion’ seems not to have given enough justice. Although it has been assured that any shortage will be covered through the miscellaneous expenses of the SAC.

The next group of junta that formed 21.4% of the voters were not really interested about the SAC activities. This neutral group of people would love to stay away from the turmoil of the SAC budget thing for they didn’t really bother about the funds or how that was allocated. They know that the SAC has funds and that will gift them with the fests in the upcoming year out of which they will get their ‘buzz’.

The last group of NITRians who were completely satisfied with this year’s SAC budget constituted the minority 8.3% of the total votes. They were satisfied with the ‘fair distribution’ of the budget in context to last year’s expenditure. This group of people saw the illuminated side of the SAC budget that would give a better result this year as compared to the last year.

With despondency dominating the ‘coloured pi-chart’, a mixed-bag reaction over the SAC budget is here. Although some choose to stay away from the chaos of distribution, majority of the NITR mass believe in raising their voice. The team hereby ensures that the ‘vox populli’ is heard well.