NITRUTSAV 2K15: Applauses And Blemishes

As spring onsets, the clement February gifts an aura that rekindles the campus for an altogether new NITRUTSAV of 2K15. Every year, novelty creeps in and the fest creates its own autonomous identity.

With pages being turned year after year, we see the baton being handed over to new people, the themes recreated and the modus operandi revolutionized. This year NITR yet again saw a new NITRUTSAV with its own blemishes and virtues.

When asked in last week’s poll, ‘How satisfactory was NITRUTSAV 2K15?’ the first option stating ‘The events were well conducted but the crowd too less.’ received the maximum number of votes. 56.9% of the NITR junta agreed to it. NITRUTSAV has had a record of attracting many participants from a plethora of institutes in the past but the story was different this year. With eye-catching banners and posters all around the campus and a well-planned schedule of the festival, it was expected that the crowd in general and participation in particular would be impressive. Ironically, some of the major events themselves couldn’t boast of much participation. Nevertheless, organisation of the fest was laudable and the appreciations recorded.

The second option stating ‘It was much better improvement over the previous year.’ recorded the least number of votes. 11.8% of the voters agreed with it. These were the students who witnessed the positive side of the fest, organisation being a vehement part of it. Undoubtedly, for them this vivid elevation overshadowed the flaws that NITRUTSAV 2K15 brought with itself.

The third option ‘I did not witness it so I am least bothered.’ received a total of 31.4% of the votes. This populace constitutes the nonchalant inhabitants who choose to stay away from the pomp and show and the ones who unfortunately missed the fest due to other precedence. They seem not to believe in the hearsays and stay out of the tangled grapevines. 

If it is the institute’s responsibility is to provide the NITR dwellers with a colourful three days event, the students also need to come out and be a part of it instead of castigating about it later.

Not everything is possible in every fest. Expectations and conjectures are respected but at times certain things go a bit off-track. Instead of pondering over the glitches, why not celebrate the effort put forth?  Views apart, the co-ordinators and organisers definitely did a commendable job. Team MM congratulates them on another newness that they let to infiltrate this year in the diaries of NITRUTSAV 2K15.