Grooming For Time Ahead

Placements are said to be the nucleus of elite educational institutions. The epilogue of four years at the institute endows an opportunity to the ‘worthy populace’ to bag a job for themselves; courtesy, the Training and Placement Cell.

One doesn’t only need to be conversant in academics alone. In order to relentlessly sustain the hassles of newness of the corporate sector, the neophyte needs to be clued up with the necessary soft skills as well. To meet the needs thereby, the T&P Cell provides the students with Soft Skills development workshop from time to time. Now the question is how useful are these workshops?

The chunk of the junta who feel that these workshops are useful enough, constitute 18.4% of the voters. They postulate that these workshops are highly informative and useful. They see the radiant side of the workshops and opine that these workshops grid them to set their feet in the corporate sector. The workshops mantles them with the prescribed soft skills required to make their life at work coherent. These sessions help them develop a personality which fabricates them for their further development.

Another 17.1% of the population feel that there is nothing new to learn from those sessions. Students need to be refurbished about the current scenario of the corporate world in order to psyche them up for the impending challenges. Soft skills like verbal communication, body languages, social graces, attitude all form an indispensable part of the personality that one is supposed to carry with himself.  Usually, in the teaching-learning process as well as in the process of preparation of various competitive exams students tend to have already learnt the required skills and hence don’t see anything innovative in the workshops conducted.

The major portion of NITR junta doesn’t even attend the sessions. It is surprising to see that 64% of the NITR population are either unaware of the sessions. Although there have been sessions and workshops conducted they haven’t been made cognizant enough to the general mass. The content of the workshops and the promotion strategies have failed to have enticed the budding engineers to the workshops. Innovation is the talk of the day and maestros are in demand. Hence, workshops containing new plan of action and contrivance is in ultimatum.

If something is attempted, that needs to be given an unabridged shot. The workshops need to be designed in a manner that would reorient the soft skills appetite of the students. Also, the students need to pay a heed to the sessions so that their ensuing tomorrows are free of aggravation. Both students and the T&P should modulate with each other in order to conduct sessions which are not only illuminative but also valuable.