The Tale of ISM 2k15

Much before the chain of farewell parties and good-bye get-togethers commence, the final years cherish their last days at the campus to the fullest in the final fest, International Students Meet.

  Infact, the curtains for the ‘fest series’ are drawn down just after the ISM. The final fest of the academic year is supposed to be lively enough to endow the junta a notable and memorable three days for a year, at least until the next ISM.
The tale of ISM got recorded in the last week’s poll.

The poll last week asked, “How was this year’s ISM?”
19.3% of the NITR populace voted for the first option, stating, ‘It clubbed with Holi Celebrations and gave a memorable weekend.’ For them, the idea of clubbing Holi Celebrations with ISM was not only appealing but also ingenious. These optimist voters of the institute perhaps relished the three days of fest and seemed to have a whale of time. The few events that ISM 2K’15 hosted had something alluring to each one of them. They looked for the sunnier side of the fest feeling the little exuberance that it showcased and enjoying Holi simultaneously.

70.3% of the NITR populace voted for the second option, stating, ‘It was unappealing and boring and lacked crowd participation.’ The lion’s share of the NITR population didn’t find anything fascinating in this year’s ISM. With the Celebrity Night being ruled out of the fest, ISM 2K15 was nothing but ‘just another fest’ for them. They were aware that it had nothing more to boast about as the tiara of the fest had already been brought down. Infact, this was also another factor which contributed to the low participation and reduced crowd in the fest. The events more or less synonymised with the events of other past fests of the year and had nothing noteworthy. Be it the time constraint or the budget crunch, they made this year’s ISM more or less a run-of-the-mill fest.

10.3% of the NITR populace voted for the third option, stating, ‘The question is irrelevant for me.’ Here come the nonchalant species of the institute who chose to stay away from the ISM 2k15. These constitute people who prefer to go home during these scintillating days or the ones who remain naive despite of any kind of fests going on in the institute. Above all the weekend coincided with Holi which provided people with a reason to head towards home.
ISM 2K15 doesn’t seem to have justified its previously built stature, this year. With not many international students coming in, the fest didn’t go ‘exclusive.’ Infact, this time when the flagship event, ‘celebrity night’ was ruled out, ISM lost a big chunk of its charm. Inconvenience faced by the co-ordinators and organisers was, no doubt, undisguised but the consequences were supposed to be prophesised before-hand itself.  Condemnation apart, with hopes and expectations in their heart, NITR junta still look forward to a better and flamboyant ISM next year.