Unfulfilled Dreams of Alumni Reunion

Isn’t it a wonderful temptation for people to get down their memory-lanes to relive the ‘good old days’? Of course, it is. This year, the students that NITR had cradled in its lanes and by-lanes were invited by the institute itself to join The First Annual Alumni Re-union.   NITR paved a new path for its alumni not only to revive their memories but also to make an attempt to improve the alumni network of the institute. Now, how far NITR was successful in its maiden attempt in this regard is a matter of concern.

The opinions of the NITR junta were recorded in last week’s poll through the question, ‘How effective was the Alumni Re-Union in improving the alumni network of the institute?’

The first option, ‘It was a good initiative that will enhance alumni relations.’ received 14.5% of the total votes.  These optimists were perhaps an ideal part of the function or some active eye-witnesses.  Undoubtedly, the brainchild behind the attempt is worth praising but the approach that was taken up to create an impact on the alumni was not up to the mark which is why not many of them turned up. The talks, discussions and speeches were eulogized but perhaps somewhere or the other impact creation of the pre-event promotion was a failure. Enhanced planning could have witnessed more alumni pouring in and the three days more eventful.

The second option, ‘The number of alumni turning up clearly proves the event did not achieve its motive.’ received 43.5% of the total votes thereby mirroring the reality of the whole event. True to the fact, the event didn’t meet its purpose as it was not able to draw in more number of alumni. Although more than 50 alumni had turned up for the Re-union, which was definitely not a good number. When the number itself was a disappointment, there was not much expectation in strengthening the base of ‘alumni network.’  Keeping in mind the time that was used to prepare the event, people had started building high hopes.

The third option, ‘I did not witness it.’ again received 41.9% of the total votes. The weekend was one of the most awaited ones for the NITR populace, courtesy, the celebrity night. Hence, not many people seemed to have taken interest in it thereby contributing to a major population who hadn’t witnessed it at all.

Not everything is successful in the first attempt. Neither was the first Annual Alumni Re-union of NITR, this year. Although the effort put forth was commendable, the approach can be perked up next year with innovative schemes and more number of people in action. NITR awaits for yet a changed and enhance Alumni Re-union next year.