The Wall

April. This is the month when the final countdown begins. For some, it will be just another end to an academic sessions while for a few others, it would be the end to a roller-coaster journey that they feel had started only yesterday when they had entered the campus of NIT Rourkela, with a subtle disappointment of that NIT tag on their faces and their nudging parents by their side. While this sudden surge in reminiscence continues, NITR shall jump up to activity for the very last time in this scholastic year. For the Student Activity Center General Elections 2015-2016, where the common NITRian shall elect their choicest candidate to the administrative level for regulating the student affairs in the institute. While the major aspects about this event has been covered in last week’s article by Monday Morning, namely “Of NITR; For NITR; By NITR”, we bring to you a poll that has been suggested by our Hon’ble Director Prof. S. K. Sarangi Sir.

Excerpts from that article: 

“The Director didn’t seem happy with the CGPA criteria but even he had to resort to the belief that a certain minimum criteria should be there in terms of academics, and also the management and leadership work should not lead to a devastating effect on someone’s career and prospects of staying for his complete course in this institute…”

The criteria of eligibility or the CGPA Wall that stands between an interested candidate and his candidature is 6.50 as of now. The above excerpt was the Director’s reaction to the question on the existence of this CGPA Wall as an eligibility criteria for the position holders at SAC. He has asked Monday Morning to conduct a Student Polls to receive the opinion of the NITR junta on the question:

What should be the minimum CGPA criteria for eligibility to contest SAC elections?

Approximately 11% of the total votes polled only were in favor of setting a CGPA barrier as high as 8 and above. So the majority of the people think that this just might be too high to act as a Wall to interested candidates. This is also logical considering,

Good leaders might have high pointers but a high pointer does not necessarily mean that someone is a good leader.

Around 16% of the total votes polled were in favor of a CGPA Wall even just as high as 7 and above. 7 is quite close to the current mark of 6.50. Even this didn’t seem to suffice to most.

A whopping 60% of the total votes polled opted for a CGPA barrier that is just greater than 6. This option definitely goes against the Director’s justification as presented in the excerpt from that article above. 

Another perspective that is presented before us is that CGPA reflects on someone’s hard work and hardly on someone’s intellect. Then again, we ought to strike a balance between a visionary and a hard worker as a leader. As a leader is someone who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way. 13% of the total votes polled have attested the point of “No CGPA Barrier”.

The onus is on the Common Man of NITR. To choose the best possible committee at SAC that shall lead us into a bright future, surpassing the benchmarks set previously. Shy away from zone politics and alliances as discrimination based on geographic origin is the most detrimental of them all.