IST: Indian Stretchable Time

And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you, No one told you when to run, You have missed the starting gun..

-Pink Floyd

A new year. A new resolution. A new semester. A new ray of hope.


NITR’s Version on Innovision’14

The whole of this institute of national importance was in a frenzy in the last three days from 31st October to 2nd November. At least, Team MM, being the optimistic organization that it is, believes it to be true. That was evident seeing quite a few of the NITR junta bearing identity cards of volunteers and coordinators.


The Colour of Money

Any and almost every move we make in this world requires this tool called money. If we don’t have that much with ourselves to carry out that move we bring in those from outside sources. In the form of investments or charity. Sponsorship is a form of investment with immense added benefits tagging along in this regard. Team Monday Morning took the onus upon itself to conduct a Student Pulse in this regard and flesh out the voices of the NITR junta on the policy adopted by the institute with respect to bringing in sponsors for fests and other events. The following question was asked:-


Multiple Takes on the Celebration of Multi-Ethnicity

To mend your future, sometimes you need to dig up the past over and over again. Some contentious issues that have been embalmed by the torrent of time, seem to purge out as Usain Bolt launching himself from the start position, in a 100m race. Along with the contentious issues, there are other associated people and things which are brought up over and over again, and it tends to sour the atmosphere around. There are hordes of implications, assumptions and accusations that tend to take the world by storm.


A Perfect Alloy?

The adrenalin rushing dexterous mass, the very ingenious and demiurgic folk, the mellifluous and spectacular brilliance in the laudable young talents have been a lion’s share of the populace of most the NITs of the country. With each passing year and the increasing incoming students, the density of the ‘talent’ has been increasing, thereby gifting the NITs with students to boast about. Every year OINSA (Organisation for Inter NIT Students’ Activity) organises Inter NIT Sports Meet with an aim of channelizing the aforesaid talent in the right direction. Now the question arises if the sports as well as literary and cultural activities are alloyed into a single periphery whether or not it will be of any relevance.