Of Obscured Autonomy And Seized Power

The autonomy of the individual appears to be complemented and enhanced by the movement of the group; while the effectiveness of the group seems to depend on the freedom of the individuals.


Survival of the Hopeless/Full

Mess food. Something that no one deserves, but the one they need when there is big hole in their pockets, as the Common Perception prevails. This has been an issue that unites all NITRians irrespective of their zones (err place of origin); all NITRians irrespective of their age; all NITRians irrespective of their branches; most engineering students of India irrespective of their institutes. 


The Imposed Interest Paradigm

“ Mind is where the heart is.”

The tenacity to do what you love is what drives the humankind. The audacity to follow your interests is what makes successful people.  When a person does what he loves, the result is bound to be beautiful. Without dragging it more and specifying the relation of this analogy with this week’s poll,  this is the sole reason why the system of Optional Electives started. One course of our choice amongst the innumerable, mechanical, monotonous subjects and labs which our respective departments shove. In spite of the straightforward idea behind the inception of optional elective courses, the question still hovers- “How relevant are the open elective courses in the institute?