The Year Ahead: SAC affairs

The newly elected SAC representatives meet for the first time, hoping to decide the course of the upcoming year with the budget allocation. Team MM brings to you exclusive report on the matters discussed in the SAC meeting along with the budget allotted to SAC activities.

The sun had almost set, the sky was filled with dark clouds. The Student Activity Centre was bustling with people. The SAC representatives were in for a welcome surprise or supposedly a shock to find the Student Activity Centre budget approved without the consent of any student. Clusters of people all over the SAC were having discussions over the budget approved. The members of the society were descended by pensive mood over the budget allotted. Everyone gearing up to voice their concerns to SAC authorities.

Close to fifty people gathered inside the SAC building eagerly waiting for the meeting which was presided by Prof K C Pati (Dean Student Welfare),Prof. Japes Bera(SAC President), Prof. R K Patel (Chief Warden) and Vice Presidents of various societies. There was complete commotion initially with representative of every society voicing their dissatisfaction with the budget. Students voiced their concerns one by one.The heads of technical society clubs have expressed dismay over allotment of lion’s share of the funds to cultural activities (including fests, clubs and musical-nite), NIT Rourkela being a technical institute. All the conveners and secretaries were also in complete support for more budget allocation to the Technical Society to which it was assured students that extra funds will be allotted to thetechnical society from miscellaneous SAC expenditure. 

There was clear instructions against students bringing sponsors to fund their events.

Students will not be reimbursed for their travelling expenses or be granted any leave if they embark on search for sponsors. The college will only apply for general sponsorships.

There was an outrage among the representatives to which it was addressed that the institute funds for college funds are self-sufficient. On this the elected representativesquestioned:“why apply for general sponsorships on first hand if institute funds are self-sufficient. Also no company or organisation provides sponsorships on just applying for sponsorship. Any institute is given sponsorship after a lengthy process of meetings with a Company which is carried out by a sponsorship team”. Student representatives have asked for complete autonomy over the spending of the sponsorships which theypursue with their own expenses. As most of the sponsors write check in the name of director, it is his discretion how the money is used. 

Due to too many students taking part in other college fests therewere discrepancies in reimbursements. In light of that it was decidedthat Intra Hall and Intra NIT competition will be held in the college among the students who want to take part in the off campus fests. This step is to prioritize hall competition winners and also to improve the quality of participants.With this the money of the participating students can also be reimbursed.

         Many students have complained that they have not received the participation certificate for the last year’s fest. Even the prizes have not been given to the winners. The authorities said that the previous convener should distribute the certificates and this year it will be made sure that certificates would be given in the same day, without any hassles. As cash prizes are not being given this year,bandscan be called from other colleges and expenses will be taken care by SAC. This year there is no registration fee for any participants.

Most of the student representatives have expressed displeasure over conducting Multi-Ethnic Fest and large chunk of the budget being allotted to this fest. (Technical fest is given 11lakh, whereas multi-ethnic fest is given 13lakh). “There is NITRUTSAV as a cultural fest and ISM which is a blend of Technical, Cultural and Sports Fest so there is no need for another cultural fest.Moreover the Multi Ethnic Fest happens to promote Zone based segregation”were the arguments presented by the students. The authorities responded saying “Just because the fest failed to create an impact the previous year doesn’t mean the budget should be cut down. In fact it should be promoted even more so that the institute can make up for the loss of prestige that it went through previous year.”

        This year the FMS events will be made bigger, better and grander. Following IIT conventions there has been a proposition of two Celebrity Nights for which there will be a need to revise the FMS budget for Musical Nite and some contribution to it can also be done by getting sponsorship. This proposition is to make a point of our capabilities of organising a nite of standards the IITs conduct.

The student representatives seemed to play only minor role in changing the already approved budget. Another agenda which was put forward by the students was-“The student representatives believe they should all be allowed to make a model budget which should be reviewed by the SAC officials and then a final budget should be approved along with the consent of students. It’s the Student Activity Centre yet the budget approval did not involve any student.”

This year the BBA will not be made available for club activities and orientations. Rajendra Prasad Exhibition hall can be used for this purpose, the projector and mike system will be arranged. This year it will be seen to it that stationary will be provided in time unlike last year where most of the events had been cancelled due non-availability or late arrival of the stationary.It was assured that the materials will delivered on time and withoutproper notification no decisions on SAC will be taken regarding food bill or any other matter

            Every year a student pays 4000 rupees towards SAC activities, the total budget allotted to SAC is the total number students admitted multiplied by 4000 collected from each student. Actual budget will be on August 15th based on the total number of students admitted. 

 Team MM wishes luck to all the people associated with the functioning of SAC for conducting memorable and successful fests in the upcoming days.

 Click here for a glimpse of the budget this year.