Promising Preparations

After a successful Innovision 2k13 and the curtain raiser for next version of the technical extravaganza scheduled to be held on 6th September, the Technical Society looks forward to take greater strides in this direction. Team MM caught up with the Vice President Prof. D Chaira for a candid discussion.


MM: What new policies are being implemented to ensure smooth functioning of the technical society?

VP: We have certainly taken steps in that direction. In the previous sessions we did not have any record of the internal expenditure of each club. We would allot some budget for them, but they did not maintain any record or register. So, it was decided that we would allot some amount initially, and then if required, we can provide them funds from the Director or the Dean’s Funds. This time, we have asked clubs to keep a record of their expenditure, so that, at the end of the year, we can know how much money was spent by the club; therefore we can keep that in mind for next year. Each club should maintain their accounts. We have also told the clubs that if they conduct any seminar or workshop, they must inform SAC. New changes that have taken place are, we have user ids and password for SAC accounts. Earlier, only the President and the Deans had this privilege. But now, we too have got this to ensure smooth functioning. Moreover, the Director has also directed us to keep track of all the events that come under the Technical Society, and not just Innovision. 

MM: There is the issue of Technical society getting less funding as compared to other societies. Being a technical institute, we should not neglect this aspect. Please share your opinion and course of action in this direction.

VP: I expected this question to come. Yes, I agree with your opinion. I did try to get more funds. But, you see, this action has been taken by the administration. The budget was allocated more or less the same way as previous years. The money is not sufficient. However, if some extra money is required, we can request the Dean or the Director in this regard. 

MM: Have you come up with a plan, where all the events that are to take place will be listed? We suggest you should have a yearly calendar of the events.

VP:  Right now, different clubs are conducting their orientations and inductions. We have started the work for Innovision 2k14. Even the teams for various events have been formed. The sophomores have been inducted. We had a meeting with the technical society President and Conveners. We have asked them to give us their plans and how they are going to conduct the events, invite prominent people for seminars and talks. We also told them to submit all the details of the technical workshops and seminars they will be conducting. In the next meeting, we will evaluate the progress. Yes, we will try to maintain a calendar. This will definitely be brought up in the next meeting. 

MM: It has been observed that the events in Innovision often do not adhere to the schedule. There are cases when the events have been cancelled due to lack of the materials needed. Also the actual schedule is provided just the day before the events. This has caused inconvenience to the students, especially the ones who came from out of station. What actions can you take on this regard?

VP: Yes, this is definitely a cause of concern. But I can assure you that these problems will not surface to a large extent this year. We have discussed this. Of course, when we go to some Conference, we get a small booklet consisting of the schedule along with the registration kit. Similarly, we too want to implement that. We will try to provide a booklet with the schedule of the main events, seminars and workshops. Regarding the stationery, most of it is available in the local shop. Sometimes students do not give their requirement on time. This makes it difficult for us to procure the materials. However, if there have been any discrepancies, we will take the matter in our hands and ensure the problems will not take place again.

MM: How is Innovision 2k14 going to be different from its previous editions?

VP: We want the students to give their suggestions. We want them to report whatever problems they faced, so that the mistakes will not be repeated. We will try to make it bigger and better than before. We will try to adhere to the deadlines and the schedule. Also try to implement the constructive suggestions forwarded by the students. We did keep drop boxes in the halls of residences to enable the students to give their opinion and suggestion regarding the improvement of Innovision 2k14. 

MM: Students have faced problems regarding the permissions, leave and reimbursements. The process is often delayed. What can be done by you about this?   

VP: When you go to any other institute for competitions and events, you must take the permission from the institute. When it is approved, you can go for the events. Then, after coming back the money that was spent will be reimbursed after showing valid documents like the acceptance and participation certificates. Only then it can be subject to approval. The procedure should be followed. Often, in any event a large number of students work. It is very difficult on our part to provide reimbursement for all of them. They can pay from the club budget. The registration fees and TA is reimbursed only for the representatives.

MM: The position of sponsorships is quite unclear. Please shed some light on this issue. 

VP: Regarding the sponsorship, the Director has informed us that no student from any society shall go out in person to obtain sponsorships. Leave will not be permitted for this purpose. However, you are allowed to use the phone at SAC to call the sponsors or send email to contact them. You can make brochure and send it. A student, going out in person is, prohibited. Also, we do not want much sponsorship from outside. We would like to manage our fest independently. We do not want rely on the sponsors. 

MM: What all steps will you take to publicize Innovision?

VP: The students can use the social media to publicize the events. We will send the official brochure of the fest to other institutes. Invites will be sent by the institute. The students are working. The brochure will definitely be there for everyone.

MM: Many clubs were dissolved and funds have been allotted disproportionately. Please tell us more about this. 

VP: Yes, the clubs which could not show any activity records were not allocated with funds. They must do some work, otherwise why should they get money? Therefore, a few clubs were dissolved and some new ones were given a place. Also, the funding of the clubs was quite proportionate to the activity. SAE and ASME were allotted higher funds because of several projects they have been taking up. They won prizes on national and international level, so they were given more money. But, we have allotted some money to every club which applied for it. 

MM: There is very less participation of eminent personalities in the technical scene in seminars and workshops here. In other institutes they invite many prominent people to address in the events. Our opinion is that, this can increase the participation of people from other institutes. What can be done on this issue?

VP: I agree with your opinion. In our technical fest, we have only a Chief Guest who addresses the gathering. Besides that we don’t have many such addresses. We will discuss this point in the meeting. But, then money is another factor. I will definitely discuss this point.

We are open to any suggestion on students’ part to improve Innovision 2k14. We look forward to active participation of the students to make this event successful.