Aditya Deepak(CS) - Microsoft IT

Aditya Deepak(CS) - Microsoft IT

Team MM | Jun 30, 2015

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Q: Are you satisfied with the company you are placed in or you expected a better company?
Yes, I am very much satisfied with MS, though my dream company is eBay.

Q: Were there any challenges that you faced in the beginning of the placement season?
No, I am blessed enough not to see any rejection, my luck and others blessings helped me to make through it easily.

Q: Were you rejected by any other company? If yes, what could be the possible reasons?
Yes, I was rejected last year by MS for the internship. I would say I was a noob at that juncture and still, hoping to learn new things.

Q: How many levels were there in the selections procedure of this company?
There were total of 5 rounds ,  1st was an online test, 2nd coding round , 3rd and 4th were technical rounds  and 5th was AA(as appropriate) round. 

Q: What preparations did you make to get through the written rounds?
I didn’t make special preparations for it, for the initial round I practised from Geeksquiz and IndiaBix.

Q: What preparations did you make to get through the GD rounds?
There were no GD rounds 

Q: What preparations did you make to get through the Interview rounds?
I would say competitive programming sites helped me a lot they were boon to me. I practised daily from sites like Codechef, Spoj, Codeforces, Hackerrank, Hackerearth. They helped me to improve my speed to solve the problems.

Q: Any tips or suggestions for the juniors?
Just focus on your goal and work hard and smart, and leave rest to All Mighty. 

Q: Can you briefly explain your overall experience of the placement season?
I enjoyed it a lot though in the initial round, I faced some hiccups but as time progressed everything fell into my domain. It was really enjoyable, the interviews were great.

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