Rahul Pasayat(MN) - TATA STEEL

Rahul Pasayat(MN) - TATA STEEL

Team MM | Jun 30, 2015

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Q: Are you satisfied with the company you are placed in or you expected a better company?
I am quite happy and satisfied with the company that I am placed in. TATA Steel is a great place to start your career at. I always wanted a core job and it was necessary for me that I got one. Given the companies that visit NITR for Mining Engineering, I am more than just happy to settle for it.

Q: Were there any challenges that you faced in the beginning of the placement season?
I did. I wasn’t adequately prepared to clear the quantitative aptitude round of assessment process. It took a bit of effort to hone my skills and after 2 failed attempts I was able to clear the written rounds of all the companies that I appeared for.

Q: Were you rejected by any other company? If yes, what could be the possible reasons?
Yes, I was rejected a couple of times. I didn’t clear the written round of Mu Sigma and EXL Analytics. I cleared the first round of LnT but was never informed about the second round. I cleared all rounds of Affine Analytics and was kept on hold indefinitely. But I had managed to secure a job in TCS. 

Cause of rejection is subject to the company and its HR executives. It really depends upon the recruiter as to what he wants. Sometimes, you lack things that they need and sometimes they fail to assess those in you.

Q: How many levels were there in the selections procedure of this company?
The selection procedure comprised of 3 rounds.

1st Round: 95 questions in 120 minutes. There were 4 sections containing quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, logical reasoning and technical knowledge. The questions in the technical section were mostly from the previous year GATE papers. However, they were a tad above normal difficulty level and required in-depth technical knowledge.

2nd Round: Group Discussion.

3rd Round: Personal Interview. They didn’t have a look at the CV and kept the questions strictly related to the technical and management aspects of mining. They also posed some genuine and general HR questions towards the end of the interview.

Q: What preparations did you make to get through the written rounds?
I did some questions from Arun Sharma for QA. For verbal ability and logical reasoning, I relied on my skills. Since TATA was recruiting for the first time in many years for mining, so I was absolutely clueless about the technical part and had gone to the exams without any solid preparations.

Q: What preparations did you make to get through the GD rounds?
Not much preparation. One needs to understand the purpose of a GD round. It is to scrutinize a candidate’s ability to comprehend, present and listen to others. People often confuse GDs with debates and take a very tough stand as a result of which they fail to adapt to someone’s version of the issue. Candidates also rush in to make a conclusion when there is need of none. The aim should be to guide the discussion yet avoid being the dominant force and at the same time, being smart in using others’ points/ arguments to your advantage. One needs to be updated with the latest happenings via newspaper and blogs. And not to forget the youtube videos that serve as a crash course.  

Q: What preparations did you make to get through the Interview rounds?
Before the interview round, I decided to target a certain section of my curriculum. I read as much as I could on that topic and ensured that I didn’t make a fool out of myself when I answered the questions. I had also practiced my introduction, as it shapes the entire interview. I had made sure that I included my technical expertise in my introduction and I had carried all my projects and models in the form of documents. 

Q: Any tips or suggestions for the juniors?
First of all, decide whether you want a core job or a non-core job. People spend the 7th semester while contemplating about their choices and desires. By the time they arrive at a conclusion it is too late. If you are interested for a core job, you have to be technically knowledgeable. At the end, it is always luck that decides whether you will be getting the job or not. But one cannot turn a blind eye to the need of preparation. 

Q: Can you briefly explain your overall experience of the placement season?
It was exhausting. Although, it lasted just one semester yet it was mentally taxing. One has to be psychologically tough to get till the last round and handle rejection after that. And it takes even a tougher mind to get your composure back after a rejection. Not to forget the role of my supportive parents and friends who were there with me through difficult times. 

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