Shantanu Kumar(MN) - Affine Analytics

Shantanu Kumar(MN) - Affine Analytics

Team MM | Jun 30, 2015

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Q: Are you satisfied with the company you are placed in or did you harbour expectations for a better company?
Yes. I always wished to get into an analytics company. I never wished to go into core sector and analytics was the best bet for me.

Q: What are some of the challenges that a student faces during the beginning of the placement season? Can any changes be brought in the scenario?
Lack of proper training program and information regarding how to prepare for campus placement season.

Training program can be initiated by TnP for pre final year students in March. But students are not enthusiastic towards such programs and we get miserable participation. Instead, we can start our placement season from September instead of July and in the meantime, students can undergo proper training program to ace the interview skills. As the students are more serious in their final year, so participation is bound to be high.

Belief that everyone will get an offer by virtue of being an NITian.

Most students fail to accept the bitter truth that private colleges provide as good students as NITs. Hence companies prefer to hire such students as their colleges are located in easily accessible cities and they are not in a hurry to change jobs. NITians fail to work on their weaknesses. They keep ignoring their problem areas.

This can be only changed when people start realizing the current market situation and start working their weak areas.

Most students waste their final summer vacation.

This is the best time to work on aptitude, logical reasoning and puzzles.

Brush up everything that you studied in three years of your engineering life.

Q: Were you rejected by any other company? If yes, what could be the possible reasons for your rejection?
Yes. I was rejected by Musigma.

My group case study round did not go well and during the interview, I could not justify my conclusions and the actual questions asked in the problem statement. I had also not prepared for the interview. I actually didn’t know what analytics companies do. When I was asked how I am fit for the job, I said irrelevant things.

Q: How many levels were there in the selections procedure of this company?
Following were the rounds in selection procedure of Affine Analytics.

1.       Written Test

2.       Group Discussion

3.       Puzzles and Case Study round

4.       HR and Management round

Q: What preparations did you make to get through the written rounds?
No specific preparation. I had started working on aptitude right after I came from summer vacation. I instead worked on puzzles as I was very weak in solving them.

Q: What preparations did you make to get through the GD rounds?
I had taken part in GD sessions during my third year. I always loved to be part of meaningful discussions. I keep looking up and reading news articles on and discuss the various issues (national, international, sports etc.) with friends. Once you are up to date on current affairs, half of your GD preparation is done. The other half is putting your points correctly to the group. That can be done by practice alone.

Q: What preparations did you make to get through the Interview rounds?
Solving puzzles and putting the right things on my CV. I had specifically mentioned the open elective courses that I had taken. He asked me questions from my current elective, i.e., theory of Microeconomics and the clubs that I had been part of.

Q: What are the topics that a candidate needs to concentrate on to get through the procedure?
Aptitude. Puzzles. Logical Reasoning. Good communication skill. 

Q: Any tips or suggestions for the juniors?
Start working for placements right from the summer vacation. Do not waste time during that period. Do read about the company on their website or Wikipedia page. They ask questions about the company in interviews. Prepare your CV well. You should tweak your CV according to the company you are sitting for. Make sure you include skills that the company is looking for.

Q: Can you briefly explain your overall experience of the placement season?
The experience has been thrilling. I had fair amount of rejections at different levels of different companies. In Affine, approx. 650 students sat for the written test (the highest for any company till now). I had written myself off. Last year it had taken only 10-12 students after the written round. Fortunately, this year, they took approx. 160 students. In GD round, I got a familiar topic and I aced it. I was almost rejected after the puzzle and case study round, but I got the benefit of doubt. They sent me for the HR interview. Here it was all about my leadership and management skills. And as the cliché goes, “rest is history”!

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