When Research Takes Precedence

When Research Takes Precedence

Sujitha Jayaraj | Jul 26, 2015

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Research Scholar’s Week (RSW) was conducted in our Institute during 11-13th of May, 2015. It was a first of its kind venture, exclusively for students involved in Research in our Institute. This event provided an excellent opportunity for everyone involved to showcase their research and to facilitate knowledge sharing, seamless interactions among budding researchers of varied disciplines of the institute and to instill motivation, confidence and research endeavor in their minds.

Organized by a ten-member expert committee with our Dean of Academics, Prof. B. Majhi as the Convenor, the event was inaugurated by our honourable Director, Prof. S. K. Sarangi. The three day event saw enriching guest lectures delivered by eminent scientists or engineers on all three days at Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium. On the first day, the chief guest was Prof. Lalit M. Patnaik, a distinguished alumnus of NITR. He is a Professor Emeritus at Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru. On Day 2, Prof. D. Basavaiah from University of Hyderabad delivered his lecture. The lecture was based on the need for systematic approach to research irrespective of the branch or subject of study, increasing the productivity of research scholars and their work. Day 3 saw Prof. G. R. Rout, O. U. A. T., Bhubaneswar delivering the lecture at BBA. The subjects of these lectures were made to be broad spectrum in order to cater to the conveniences of all the scholars of all the branches. The participants found these lectures extremely interesting and informative.

A Poster Presentation contest was also held on each day after the lectures at Rajendra Mishra Exhibition Hall. The participants of the contest were divided into four slots based on their branches and inter-related branches were allotted the same slots. With two sessions being conducted in a day, the best posters from the four sessions were selected. On the third day, the selected participants competed for the best poster of the presentation. The participants left no stone unturned to use the opportunity to showcase their talents. The posters were evaluated by faculties who were working in similar fields. Prizes were given to the best presentations from every department as well as the Best Presentation of RSW. Sushanta Kumar Mohapatra, a research scholar from the Department of Electrical Engineering was given the Research Scholar of the Year award for his presentation on Investigation on Performance Metrics of Nano-scale Multi Stage MOSFETs towards RF and IC Applications.

The event was a grand success and more editions are planned to be conducted in subsequent years. Due to the unpleasant climate in the month of May, a winter edition of the event is planned to be held in coming years. The future editions of this event are to be held on an even larger scale with participation from other institutes and universities as well.
Team MM congratulates the organizers and participants for the success of this event and wishes them luck for future aspirations.

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