Reaching for the Skies

Reaching for the Skies

Aratrika Ghose | Jul 26, 2015

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The youngest kid on the block, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences has been growing consistently in the last year, introducing new programmes and increasing the strength of its classes. A new course in addition to the previously existing M. Sc. in Applied Geology has now been started. The newly introduced program, M. Sc. in Atmospheric Science is enlisted as a post-graduate program in the official institute website, however most institutes such as the IIT’s consider it to be an undergraduate course.

Last year’s batch strength was 10, and that number has steadily risen to 20, even before the conclusion of the third round of allotment, this year!

The department is rapidly expanding both in terms of infrastructure as well as faculty. Four new faculty members have been appointed to join in the upcoming year, two in each of the specializations. A Petrological Microscope of advanced research grade has been purchased to facilitate the study of rocks, ore and minerals in addition to another 8 student grade microscopes. Also, an Ion Chromatograph has been ordered and awaits installation.

This department is extremely active in terms of research prospects. Its importance has been internationally identified because of the role it has to play in various aspects such as metallogenesis, energy development, groundwater, dynamics of earthquakes (its prediction and mitigation) as well as climate change.

The faculty of this department is involved with noteworthy organizations such as University of Georgia, NGRI, Hyderabad, California University, Berkley, Nanyang Tech University, Singapore Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Lancaster University, UK, Upssala Univerity, Sweden and Michigan Tech Univerity, USA, IIT, Kharagpur, IIT, Delhi and IIT, Bhubaneshwar.

 The department is very proud to announce that it has managed to bag a research project that is being sponsored by the Ministry of Earth Science on Siesmicity in Central and Northeast India.

While last year there were 3 open electives being offered by the department, this semester there are none and they can expect to have only one single open elective in the upcoming semester. The HOD accredited that to the lack of faculty, since they have introduced a new program and expects his professors to have little or no free time to teach students of other departments.
Another noteworthy development in this department has been the strong tie-up with industries.

The entire batch consisting of 10 students, did summer internships in prestigious industries such as HINDALCO, Coal India and NALCO.

The HOD rightly pointed out that the training and placement cell in its attempt to ensure the best for everybody often ends up leaving the M. Sc. students of other departments absolutely alienated from their respective industries. In this department however, there is utmost stress on the application and relevance of all research and study at a practical and industrial level.

The department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, cozily set up on the second floor of the Mining Department is eager to grow. They do not imagine that the available facilities are sufficient, but they are making the most of whatever resources they have at their disposal. It is important to understand that this department is still new and has not yet churned out a batch of graduates, which is why all its achievements will be taken into account with a pinch of salt. However, team MM wishes them luck in all future endeavors and hopes that indeed they fulfill all their set targets and goals in the coming years.


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