Novi Coeptus

Novi Coeptus

Sanchari Dan | Jul 27, 2015

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The department of Ceramic Engineering in NIT Rourkela is seeking new heights with its new four storeyed building, state of the art laboratories and high end research projects. With the commencement of the new academic year, student and faculty development has been brought into focus. The curriculum has been revised and placement statistics are improving owing to undertaking of product development projects and projects in collaboration with the industry. One of the new projects is the DST Nanomission worth around fifty lakhs. The other ongoing projects are FIST by DST and Evolution of Nanoporosity and Nanostructure in Polymer derived amorphous Silicon Oxycarbide Ceramics by SERB. Students have been placed in leading private sector companies like JSW.

New faculty members are being motivated to work on new projects and develop laboratories. Alumni fundings are further extending aid in this regard. The department is planning on conducting national and international conferences. Research students and faculty members intend to join forces together to organise these conferences and workshops.

The new extension building of the Ceramic Department has started functioning recently. As of now, five classrooms and one seminar room are in action in the new building. The only amenities that it’s been wanting in are proper internet connection, proper water supply and some faculty rooms. New laboratories have been inaugurated in the department with advanced experimental equipment from the best industries abroad like the X-ray Powder Diffractometer from Holland and the Atomic Force Microscope from Veeco, USA in the XRD and AFM laboratory; the Impendence Analyser and the Electrochemical Interface from Solartron, UK, in the Electroceramics Laboratory and so on and so forth.

Summer 2015 was a proud time for academicians associated with the department as students bagged top internships in India as well as abroad. Shaswata Bisi is interning at University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Tumulu Satish Kumar secured his place as a Mitacs Globalink Research Intern at University Laval, Canada. Students also bagged internships at reputed Indian companies like H&R Johnson, Mumbai; Saint Gobain, Chennai; ARCI, Hyderabad; Aditya Birla Insulators, Tata Refractories Limited and in top Indian institutes like IISC, Bangalore and IIT, Kanpur.

Team MM wishes the faculty and students of the ceramic department the very best in its forthcoming ventures.

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