A Busy Summer

A Busy Summer

| Jul 27, 2015

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After a long summer spanning over two and a half months, the Mathematics Department is busy as ever. Summers at NITR have never been just holidays. While most of the students enjoy their summer breaks, departments are busy with seminars, research and presentations.

A lecture was presented by Bakare E.A, Department of Mathematics, Federal University Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria (RTF-DCS Fellow, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) on “Optimal Control Analysis on the Malaria Disease Transmission Mode” on 27th May 2015 in the Seminar room, Department of Mathematics.

The department also saw a Ph.D. thesis defense seminar by Sudhansu Sekhar Rout (Supervisor - Prof. G.K Panda) on the 4th of July, 2015 conducted in the Seminar Hall, department of Mathematics on “some generalizations and properties of balancing numbers”. This was followed by PhD synopsis seminar on “numerical solution of static and dynamic problems of some functionally graded structural members” by Karan Kumar Pradhan(PhD Scholar) supervised by Prof. S Chakraverty in Seminar Room, Department of Mathematics on 13th of July 2015.

Furthermore, the PhD selections committee for autumn 2015-16 enlisted a total of 8 selections for the Department of Mathematics. Out of these, 3 were listed as full-time students with fellowship/assistantship while the rest are full-time students without fellowships.

Currently, the Department of Mathematics has 15 members of faculty, 6 currently sponsored projects and provides four different academic programmes- PhD, M. Tech (Research), M.Sc. (2 years) and Integrated M.Sc. (5 years)

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