Tour De Force

Tour De Force

Subhadarshini Mullick | Jul 27, 2015

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It’s yet another new session to be explored and the Department of Physics has buckled up to proceed in full speed with a pinch of motivation and a spoonful of inspiration. Desire is an important ingredient for success and success is a journey not a destination. Adding to the pride of the institution, the department proved that it well deserves success as it has exhibited the desire as well as the will to set up a journey towards it.

The department has taken a step towards better learning and understanding by introducing a Solar Simulator in the mesoscopic lab which would aid students in measuring photo voltage. This would motivate those students who always look up to trying out new ways to get clearer pictures about the concepts.

It has been planned to enhance the pool of laboratories by setting up two new labs in the department, i.e., nuclear physics lab and astrophysics lab. Efforts are being made to meet the requirements for the labs so that these can soon be introduced in the curriculum of students. After all, today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievements.

The curriculum for the Integrated MSc. students has undergone two modifications which will be implemented from this academic year. The fifth semester of Integrated MSc. will be merging with first semester of 2 year MSc. which was previously being followed for the seventh semester. Secondly, the curriculum of third semester of Integrated MSc. would include one lab and one theory of Life Science courses. We congratulate the department for taking such new initiatives where students can be better informed about their subject.

The list of courses has been dilated with three new courses, Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Non-Linear Physics, which would create new opportunities and attract more students interested in MSc. and Ph.D. courses.

The legacy of projects and internships is well maintained by students of the department who became the assets for it as well as the institution. Swayam Trupta Panda recently joined University of Victoria, British Columbia as Globalink Research Intern. Mekap Subhasish Pattnaik joined University of Manitoba, Canada as Summer Research Intern. Baikuntha Nath Sahu joined University of Hawaii, USA for project works.

Some students brought laurels to the institution in the field of placements. Abinash Chakraborty who completed Integrated MSc. from our institution in 2015 is pursuing a Ph.D. from University of Alberta, one of the largest research-intensive universities of Canada. Shanu Meena who completed Integrated MSc. too got placed in TCS. Other than these, two students from ninth semester of Integrated MSc. have qualified for the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Junior Research Fellowship (CSIR JRF) in December 2014. Two other students qualified GATE 2015.

Exchange of ideas is one the effective ways to seek and spread knowledge which is corroborated by the professors who have been in and out of the country to attend different seminars and conferences. Dr. S.N Dash attended ICTP (International Centre of Theoretical Physics) international workshop on current trends in Frustrated Magnetism at School of Physical Sciences, JNU. Dr. Pawan Kumar had been to the 3rd National Conference on Nanoscience and Instrumentation Technology in NIT, Kurukshetra. Dr. A.C Pradhan attended 33rd meeting of Astronomical Society of India at NCRA(National Centre of RadioAstrophysics), Pune.

The constantly growing department of NITR which has led many students to their goals is not far away from the time when it could set new heights. Even if it is slow, it is putting full efforts to go ahead and produce more and more assets for the country. After all, it’s rightly said, ‘People forget how fast you did the job but they remember how well you did it.’ We wish the department a very fruitful year ahead.


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