Strengthening the Foundations - Department of Civil Engineering

Strengthening the Foundations - Department of Civil Engineering

Amruthavarshini Mahankali | Jul 27, 2015

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The Department of Civil Engineering has been one of the older branches of the institute and has always strived for imparting quality education to its students, with dedicated faculty and well-built labs. However regular updating is essential to keep a department at-par with the current ventures being taken up. In this process, retrospection and quality-checking the department has become a vital issue in the face of equipment and infrastructure.

With the increase in demand for more working space in the present structural and transportational laboratories, by the concerned faculty and students, who state that the labs are too small for handling the capacity and type of experiments of both the UG and PG students, thus curtailing vital and diverse activities in the lab, a new proposal for the expansion of the labs, found its way to execution. The electrical labs in the Main Building are being divided into two segments-one for the structural wing which is the dynamics lab and the other being the extension of the traffic laboratory.

This age-old department is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to upgrading itself to cater to the needs of the on-going experiments and research activities. New and extremely efficient equipment is bought every year, the costlier ones being a roller compacter for the highway-concrete lab and the structural lab machinery, which is yet to be delivered.

The new projects undertaken by the institute are noteworthy, one which is under the Govt.of Odisha and the other one being a consequence of Central water commission, under the guidance of Prof. Shishir Kumar Sahu, the HOD-which can be viewed as significant achievements for the institute, this year.   

Adding to the developments, there was a seminar, conducted jointly by the civil and mining departments of NIT Rourkela, from 25th to 26th July, intending to mark the recent advances in the section of preventing slope stability accidents in open cast mining and civil engineering.

The department is all set to face the new academic year with the lined up projects and activities in expanding the infrastructure, through which the students can be benefitted and make the most out of the provided resources.



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