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Welcome! Say hello to your official guide to survival at the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. Walking through the lanes of NITR and still knowing exactly where you are and where you need to go is a task as difficult as cracking your entrance exams. Hence, from MM, we have put forward our experiences for your convenience. While adjusting to life here might not be a job too difficult to handle, life hacks always come in handy. Here’s NITR 101 for you guys.


Welcome to NITR and Rourkela! This is an unassuming eastern town is the industrial capital of Odisha and is well-connected to the rest of the country by rail and road. The nearest airport cities are Ranchi, Kolkata (international airport), Raipur and Bhubaneshwar, listed in order of increasing rail distance from the town. Interstate and intercity bus services to several nearby cities are also available.  For private rental cars to and from Rourkela, the following link might be helpful:

Once in town, auto-rickshaws are one’s best buddies. The auto drivers are the primary source of information for first time commuters in the bustling town. The auto fare from the railway station to the NITR campus is ₹ 120. Booking an Ola cab (through the mobile app) in advance for commuting in the city is another viable option.

For temporary accommodation, one can check in at one of the many good-quality hotels near the station. For a non-exhaustive list of hotels in Rourkela check out this link:

Bookings at either of the two institute guest houses is also just a click away (though it usually requires to go through an institute employee):


For personal care products, Rangoli is situated conveniently in the hostel area and hostels are provided with departmental stores right inside the halls of residences.

The market place closest to NITR is in Sector 2(1.8km) which is smaller than another Ispat market (Ambagan) farther away at Sector 19 (5.5 km) and is the most popular shopping place in the city where you can purchase everything from stationary, groceries, vegetables to clothes and quilts. Close to the railway station (6.5 km) is the larger, more elaborate market area which is littered with shops and includes a Big Bazaar for all your needs.

If you are worried about transportation and fares, you will be happy to know that the institute bus covers all these places almost twice a week after class hours.


The tempestuous weather at NITR is something that the meek-bodied might have a tough time getting accustomed to. With the asphyxiating humidity and heavy spells of rain and the sudden searing heat, an umbrella tops the list of the most essential things for a stay in Rourkela. The basic things which are required for a hostel boarder such as a trunk (one extra space which could be bought to dump in loose things), bedding (with a pillow) and those necessary plastics, could be procured from the temporary vendors outside the hall-gates of the institute. Furthermore, the departmental stores, present around the institute and the Rourkela station market make the shopping easy. Trouble shooter meds must be kept handy, especially if one is new to the place. And not to forget, the upcoming winters could prove to be the chilliest of all times, for tender-feet. So a good amount of woolen apparel would do. Cross these off your list and here you are, all ready to face the coming months at NITR!


Your academic career at NITR begins by decoding the timetable which may be a tough task. So here’s how you go about it. Download the central timetable from Note the code for each slot and look for it among your registered courses. Do cross-check it with your classmates. You will have two slots to fit in – practical-theory/theory-practical, split up by the lunch break (12 noon to 1:15pm) plus the Extra-Academic course (divided into compulsory jogging in the morning on two designated days of the week and either Physical Education, NSS or NCC).  

Attendance is an important factor. You require minimum 85% attendance. You will face a “grade-back or will be debarred from continuing the course in that semester if attendance is defaulted for more than a stipulated number of classes.

The process has two long-drawn holidays- winter break (a month) and summer break (almost 10 weeks). Additionally, the Navratri holiday (aka Durga Pooja holidays) are usually a week long, and a few other national holidays pop into the schedule for a day or two.

Do gear up for the five exciting fests that do the wonderful task of infusing life into the year-long academic activities.

What Not To Expect: Misinterpretation is common! So don’t panic if you turn up to a wrong lab/class on the first day. Jogging classes will continue irrespective of the weather conditions and it will be irksome. However, do not be dissuaded, you will realize the benefits of these classes only after you’re done with them for good.


When it comes to the inescapable conundrum of what to eat, NIT Rourkela offers a great deal of variety. The Jo'z and The Hexagon on Scholar Avenue and The Calorie Canteen in the academic area serve nutritious meals throughout the day. The Hexagon has a delivery system too and also accepts cards for payment. These restaurants stay open until late in the night, and help ease the routine nature of mess food served four times a day. Fruit vendors also have their stalls within the gates to satisfy the fruit lovers and a glass of milk also can be subscribed to at minimal cost. In addition to these places, there also exist night canteens (open till after midnight) and juice centres in the hostels for those late night study times! The Amul Shop stocks packaged foods and drinks. The good old Indian snacks like Pani Puri, Chaat, and Dahi Bhalla are also available in the restaurants. Go out and explore. Happy eating!


Apart from academics NITR provides opportunities to explore and nourish one’s hobbies and interests. With more than 60 registered clubs engaged in photography, debating, programming, bot-making, culinary art, dance, music, web designing, aero-modelling, videography, entrepreneurship, students not only are able to pursue their passion but also perfect it. Students regularly participate in prestigious national level competitions and bring laurels to the institute.

The spirit of sports is deeply ingrained in the NITR culture. Intra and Inter-Hall sporting events take place throughout the year, along with the Inter NIT competitions and a Sports Fest. The institute also has representative teams for football, basketball, athletics, cricket, weight lifting, chess, badminton etc.


Sprawling over hundreds of acres of land the NIT Rourkela campus is one of the largest Engineering campus in the country. The heart of the academic area, the Main Building, houses the Administrative and Academic Sections and also the Departments of Pure Sciences and Humanities. This building along with the other departments and the Central Workshop flank the two sides of an avenue leading up to the Student Activity Centre (SAC). The construction of swanky new buildings for many departments is either complete or nearly so. The campus has dozens of free Wi-Fi spots along with wired/wireless Internet connectivity in the academic area and the hostels.

The campus is fully residential with adequate departmental stores and restaurants. An Olympic size swimming pool, gymnasium, a cricket ground, an athletics stadium, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts will keep the sports enthusiasts busy all year round. NITR also has a Health Centre on campus. Bordered by low hills on one side the expansive campus is best explored on foot, walking amidst the captivating beauty of Mother Nature.



NITR has seen a lot of development in recent times, especially in the last year. While there is LA-II coming up near the LA-I, the golden jubilee building behind the Central Workshop is under construction. With an allotment of more than INR 100 crores by the Ministry Of Social Services, the Institute is all set to install elevators in 40 major buildings.

The placement records are awesome as always, thanks to the institute’s ever growing alumni and industrial network. While a number of students have been successfully placed, a major chunk of them have opted for higher studies after successfully clearing the GATE 2015(AIR as high as 6) and other entrance examinations. A pinch of salt: do keep a check on the internship and TnP tab on the MM’s website regularly.



Rourkela, the host city of NIT is a scenic goddess. What to do when you have a three-day weekend ahead? Be ready to don your hiking shoes and set out to explore the rich landscape and ancient landmarks here. The peaceful and divine atmosphere of the Vaishnodevi and Vedvyasa temples and the Hanuman Vatika is sure to leave you feeling calm and serene. Rourkela is also famous for many parks within the town and waterfalls and dams nearby- Mrig Vihar, Darjeeng, Indira Gandhi Park, Mandira dam, Pitamahal dam, Khandadhar falls and Badaghara falls are beautiful picnic spots. It also has a wide range of eateries from fast food joints to fine dines like-AFC, Dominoes, Madhuban, Central Park, Sarovar Court, Radhika Regency, Moksh, Mayfair, the very affordable Backpost, and market places like- Daily Market, Station Market, and Ambagan.



There is no telling when you are faced with some kind of unforeseen accident or incident. Here at NITR, everybody works together to ensure that your experience is hassle-free. In case of any health related issues, the Institute dispensary, and the Apollo Pharmacy can be accessed by students completely free-of-cost. There are two noteworthy Hospitals for any critical cases – CWS and IGH.

For hostel related trouble, the caretaker is present within hostel premises at all times. The Communication Directory ( ) provide the contact numbers of the hall wardens and the chief warden. The webmail account that all NITR students and faculty have, creates a strong network, whereby you can reach the HODs, Deans or even the Director himself.

The senior-junior hierarchy existing in NITR is there for your assistance and support. When friendly advice or wisdom is needed, feel free to get in touch with any of your seniors.


Lastly, Monday Morning is the official e-newsletter of this esteemed campus. We strongly believe that our role extends to much more than just that – especially as an instrument of change. So, if there is absolutely anything that you feel troubled by, you can always reach us! Mail us, visit our website and leave comments, or call our Chief-Coordinators, Mentors or Reporters.

Congratulations on becoming part of a process that is most certainly going to change your life for the better. We at Monday Morning, wish you the best and hope that your experiences here are both enriching and pleasant – welcome to NITR!

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