Reinvigorating Architecture

Reinvigorating Architecture

Sujitha Jayaraj | Jul 27, 2015

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At the start of the new semester, the Department of Planning and Architecture has gotten off to a new start with four new faculties being appointed, including the new Head of Department, Prof. Ankhi Banerjee. The other faculties who have been recruited are Prof. Arjun Mukerji, Prof. Basudatta Sarkar and Prof. Tuhin Subhra Maparu. During the course of the summer the newly appointed faculty members underwent training at MANIT (Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology), Bhopal.

The faculties are devising efficient teaching methods to bring out the creativity among the students. The curriculum and syllabus of the young department is also being fine-tuned. Two new studios have been set up to accommodate the steadily growing requirements of the students. New software has been planned to be bought to aid the students with their projects. This up and coming department, still in its initial stages, is short of some facilities when compared to other departments. Since their current department building cannot house the forthcoming new batch of students, the faculties have proposed to the Director for the construction of a new wing near the existing building. Although a new building is being constructed for the department, the completion of that building is expected to take another 2-3 years. Till then, the proposed new wing is expected to accommodate the students of this academic year.

In addition to the already present computer lab, a new lab called Building Energy Lab is being set up by Prof. Binit Kumar. These state of the art labs shall be equipped with new and advanced equipment which has already been procured. The lab is expected to be fully functional by the end of the month of August.

ZoNASA, a student convention for Architecture and Planning students from all over East India is being organized by our very own NITR’s Department of Planning and Architecture. To be held from 13th to 16th October 2015, this event will be completely organized by the students of the 2nd and 3rd year B. Arch. with the professors fulfilling a guiding role. It is a first of its kind initiative by the Department of Planning and Architecture. Over 1000 students from over 30 institutes are expected to be attending the event. The convention shall mainly focus on creative output by the students giving equal emphasis to both education and entertainment. Events like architecture design competitions and quizzes are to be held during this four day event while fun events like mask making, face painting, a fashion show and a cultural night are also expected to fulfill the entertainment aspects.

Team MM wishes the Department of Planning and Architecture all the best in all its future ventures.


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