The Rising Phoenix

The Rising Phoenix

A group of inspired students made the institute proud in the recently concluded first phase of ‘Innovate for Digital India Challenge’ in IIM Ahmadabad. The event is sponsored by Intel and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and is part of the Digital India Movement initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Phoenix Robotix team of the TIIR Cell of NIT Rourkela were among the top 50 teams that were narrowed down from the 1913 fully completed applications by the IIM Ahmadabad’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) and its panel of jurors, and were given a chance to present their ideas at IIM Ahmedabad on 22nd July 2015. They were represented by their founder and CEO Amiya Kumar Samantaray and their Marketing Manager Vikrant Sahu.

Phoenix Robotix is a start-up which was founded by Amiya Kumar Samantaray, who graduated from the institute the previous year. The other members of the team are in their final year and belong to different departments. They have designed a device that monitors the level of harmful gasses like the oxides of sulphur, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide among others. This device, named the ‘Aurassure Air’, when installed in an industry keeps an eye on the level of these gasses. This along with their weather and water pollution monitoring apparatus provides a full and comprehensive view of the environment there. The collected data is then analysed by the team and they subsequently provide consultancy regarding the changes that can be made to improve the process and the environment.

From these 50 teams in the competition, the top 20 will be shortlisted who will enter the ‘accelerator phase’ where they will be mentored extensively to get their ideas from ‘mind to market’. Over a span of more than 7 months the participants will be mentored by industry stalwarts and Intel experts and trained in technical know-how, will be provided access to product kits and infrastructure and multiple commercialization opportunities. The top three teams in the end will be provided funding of Rupees ten lakh each. Vikrant says that they are confident that their team will make it to the top 20 as they have a working prototype of their model, which gives them an edge over the other teams, most of which are in the ideation stage of their startup.

Team MM congratulates Phoenix Robotix on their success and wishes them luck for the future rounds of the competition.



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