A Nascent Realm for Foodies

A Nascent Realm for Foodies

Megha Agarwal | Jul 27, 2015

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With a view to create trained and skilled human resources to cater to the needs of  rapidly growing food processing sector in the country, NIT Rourkela  took the first step among all NITs and IITs and introduced the Food process engineering programme in July 2013. Subsequently the academic activities of the department expanded with start of M. Tech. (R) and Ph.D. programs in July 2014. With a number of exciting new developments coming up in the department here’s a brief look into what is in store for the students.

The department is currently sharing space with the chemical engineering department. Faculty members of the department include Prof. Sabyasachi Mishra (Ph. D. from Saskatchewan university, Canada), Prof. Ram Chandra Pradhan (Ph.D. from IIT Delhi), Prof. Parag Prakash sutar (PhD from IIT Kharagpur), Preetam Sarkar (Ph.D. from Purdue university, U.S.A). Prof. R.K Singh is acting as the Head of the department. Professors are all geared up to make new strides in the development of the department. Major development has been seen in the laboratories with new equipments worth seventy lakhs been procured this year in the four labs of the department namely food grain processing laboratory, horticultural product processing, food product development, and food analysis and quality control laboratory.


Prof. Sabyasachi has been very optimistic regarding the scope of study in this field. Opportunities are ample and students can expect a stellar future in research sectors. According to him,

Students can find jobs in R&D departments of food industries or as teaching professionals in prestigious universities. They may be employed as design engineers, quality assurance professionals, process engineers in factories etc. Doors of giant companies like Nestle, Amul, Wall mart etc. are also open to them.

This new department is certainly making a good effort to reach heights. Team MM hopes for a spectacular future for these budding engineers and wishes that all the endeavours are a success.

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