Quizzingly Quiet

Quizzingly Quiet

Anonymous | Aug 03, 2015

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It’s a well-known urban myth that the word “Quiz” had been popularized by a Dublin theatre manager when he had been challenged that it was impossible for a word to be imprinted in the minds of common men within 48 hours. The manager in question responded by pasting the word Quiz across the walls of the city of Dublin and soon enough Quiz was a subject to much discussion amongst the Dubliners. Trivia like these excite some people, ignites their minds and causes adrenaline to rush to their brains as they gobble up any shred of knowledge that comes by. The frantic rush before that press of the buzzer or the palpable anxiety before a passed question comes your way or the gladiatorial shouts of glee and victory after every correct answer is a potent and lethal addiction, for quizzing is a drug. For a select few at least.

When I had joined this institute four years back, the quizzing scene was practically bursting with enthusiasm, excitement and competitiveness. Every now and then quizzes used to be conducted with classes ringing with sounds of jubilations and much bench banging. Music for a few quizzing enthusiasts, rarely do the ears get to listen to these sounds anymore. The quizzing fraternity back then used to be clubbed into two groups: Episteme and Inquizzitve, with each group challenging the other in duels of wits, both groups vying to be the best quizzing club of NITR. The competitiveness led to some incredibly creative quizzes testing the mettle of quizzers across all spheres and genres. The incredible amount of knowledge acquired was brobdingnagian in the very least and it all led to fantastic friendships being forged and a commodious sense of community where everyone contributed and enjoyed. One never lost in a quiz, everyone gained some knowledge and that was what mattered in the end.

Faced with other responsibilities, I took a hiatus from participating in quizzes, hoping someday to come back and be amazed by the progress of the quizzing fraternity in the two years I haven’t been associated with it. Amazed, I am. With only a handful of quizzes being hosted in the past year the quizzing scene in NITR has never been grimmer. Somewhere in the midst of poor organization and lackluster participation, quizzing lost. I talked to some of my quizzer friends, each one of them lamented the way quizzing has (d)evolved in the past few years. However, deep down we all admitted that we have been contributors to our own doom. It’s not that we have a dearth of talent and I would absolutely refuse to agree that the newer batches of students lack the enthusiasm; where the lacunae actually lies is in the act of bringing them together, making a conducive atmosphere and the right amount of inspiration to rekindle the flames of quizzing. It’s not a tough thing to pull off, I believe, the ends will surely justify the means; all we need is some good intent and perhaps a bunch of Richard Dalys (that’s the name of the Dublin theatre manager if you are wondering) to get NITR back on its feet and start quizzing again. So NITR, are we game?

(Waits for the buzzer.)

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