Paying Homage to the “Missile Man

Paying Homage to the “Missile Man

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the eleventh President of the country, has proved to be the most popular President that India has ever known. He is an icon and a role model for millions of young Indians who aspire to achieve success the way he has, through hard work and honesty. Even after ceasing to be the President, he continued to reach out to the people with his belief and commitment to the cause of making India a developed country. The youth felt connected to him. If they felt that there was a hope for resurgence of the country, then Dr. Kalam was the beacon of that hope.

In the past few days, the institute was in a state of gloom. Everyone in the institute was shell-shocked when they got the news of the sudden and untimely demise of Dr. Kalam.

In the honour of Late President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, the Student Activity Centre organised an exhibition at Rajendra Mishra Exhibition Hall to showcase his legacy and contributions. The week long exhibition started on the evening of 29th July, with the display of sketches, quotes, collages, posters and writings centred at Dr. Kalam’s life, contributed by students, staff and faculty. The writings and photos depicted the memories shared by the students and the institute.

On speaking to Nalini Nihar Nayak, SAS officer, about the exhibition, he said,

The aim is to convey the sense of inspiration, which we once felt, to the younger generation.

Contributions by the students increased on the following day with each student recounting his own Kalam story.

On 31st July, a lecture session was held at BBA which saw faculty and students pay their tribute to the late president. Dr. S. Panigrahi, a professor of the Physics Department was the first speaker as he presented a life history of the Missile Man by citing the numerous difficulties he faced, the inspiration he drew from others, be it his mother or school teachers, to reach the pinnacle of success. He also presented few self-written poems in the honour of Dr. Kalam.

Asserting on the humbleness of Dr. Kalam he said,

There are scientists who have so many publications, are handling projects worth hundreds of crores, but are cut-off from the society. But there are also exceptions like Kalam, who also socially quite active through their speeches and books.

The presentation was followed by speeches from enthusiastic students who highlighted Kalam’s achievements, how he inspired them and also recalled the memories they cherished.

Prof. Sasmita Mishra, VP of Literary & Cultural Society condoled over the death of former president by stating that,

Dr. Kalam was an ordinary man who achieved extraordinary success. He faced many failures in his life but he overcame all of them to reach his goal.

The nation has lost a great man, a son of the soil whose greatness precedes generations. He’s an inspirational figure for the present youth and will be remembered by all.

Team MM pays its respects this eminent personality and hopes that everyone strives to follow the ideologies of his life.

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