Undergoing Rapid Developments

Undergoing Rapid Developments

Megha Agarwal | Aug 10, 2015

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The Department of Food Process Engineering is one of the newest departments established in July 2013. Since its inception it has undergone many changes to provide state of the art facilities for education, training and research in various aspects of food processing, safety and security. This year a major change has been seen in the set up of laboratories with new equipment being installed recently.

One of the costliest equipments bought this year is orbital shaker which keeps the food sample at a particular temperature and can also be used in microbiological tests. Another important instrument is texture analyzer which analyses the cohesiveness and springiness of a food material. Rotary evaporator measures the oil content present in food materials like potato chips etc. Deep-freezer is one of the important equipments which can store sample up to -20 degree centigrade. Some other instruments like picnometer, halogen moisture meter and magnetic stirrer have been installed recently. To have a better understanding of the post-agro process in industries, key equipments like rice husker, rice polisher, mini-hammer mill, dal mill, turmeric mill and oil expeller have been established.

This new department is certainly making a good effort to match the highest possible academic and research standard of NIT Rourkela. The major focus has been to create a fine blend of theoretical and practical knowledge keeping in mind the industry requirements and creating skilled human resources.

Team MM congratulates the department for its endeavours and hopes many more reforms are brought to meet its objective.


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