An Open Letter from the Student Placement Team 2014-15

An Open Letter from the Student Placement Team 2014-15

Student Placement Team 14-15 | Aug 10, 2015

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We are writing this letter in sheer displeasure at the comments given out by our respected Director and current Prof-in-charge of TnP. Recently both have claimed, by means of interviews with Monday Morning, that the major reason for low attendance in final year is due to the illegal TnP leaves extended by the placement coordinators to their friends.

We are dismayed by the utterly false allegation put out by the highest authorities in NIT Rourkela. We express our deepest agony at the misinformed opinion. It seems to be a garb to justify the new 6-day leave policy, which in itself is highly flawed.

I can assure the authorities that the final year students handling placement activities are probably the most hardworking individuals present on the campus. They go through rigorous multi stage selection process, devoid of any form of bias. Only the best survive the process and get into the team. They are tested for their discipline and moral integrity. The job of placement coordinator demands dedication beyond question. The team works for the entire year, every single day! We don’t have Sundays or Saturdays or any other holidays. The process of pitching to a company can be very long spanning several months, which requires a very high degree of commitment from the team. They work for over 10 hours a day whenever company visits for recruitment. Peak season, which comprise of 3-4 months sees a company almost every alternate days. Starting months have recruitment process every day. Companies have to be mailed according to the schedule. They cannot afford to be late or miss the deadline. The entire final year has high hopes from this team. The kind of pressure under which they work is itself very high. This is a small glimpse into the kind of work we do, throughout the year. After going through such a hardship, without any vested interests, if misinformed authorities make statements which question our integrity, it hurts! We take offense to such comments. We love the work we did and it pains to see respectable people having such opinion about a dedicated team of such sort.

I’ll go on and put an example to help you gauge the depth of our “ideals.” Our friends, our roommates, classmates, bench mates, club friends were treated just as other candidates. They never got any preference or advantage for being our ‘friend’. They had to follow the same queue. They had to go through the same test. They had to wait for the results like any other student. Punctuality was desired from each candidate. Ours is a student committee way different than what several other institutes have. We value sincerity and honesty in our work. We worked the entire year without any bias.

We kept a track of TnP leaves taken by each individual. On average it was 10 for the entire year. Further, every TnP attendance sheet was cross verified by a dedicated staff. We always worked under the watchful guidance of Prof. B B Biswal and TnP support staff. Contrary to the misguided belief of the authorities, several genuine leave applications were not sanctioned due to lack of proper proof.

The administration fails to see that the number of companies visiting in 2014-15 almost doubled to 160 from 83 in the session 2013-14. This is certain to increase the number of TnP leaves sought as the number and quality of opportunities increased. Further, one must realize that few students would need higher number of opportunities to crack interviews. We came across students who were academically excellent and performed well in aptitude tests as well. However, they faltered in PI’s each time. This happens. This fact has to be accepted, whether you like it or not. Everyone can’t be judged on the same scale. Seeking to limit the opportunities available to the students by way of punitive attendance policy is not going to help and will in fact attract fury in the long run.

We worked under great resource crunch, as have our seniors. We gave our best in spite of infinite, incessant hurdles. By imprudent allegations, blaming placement coordinators and placement team for attendance problems, authorities will get no praiseworthy or effective result. I can go on and talk about the stupid problems we faced (yeah, problems that are out rightly stupid) but that would serve no purpose here.

On behalf of the entire team of placement for the batch 2015, I can only request the authorities to refrain from making comments that belittle the contribution made by team. The ramifications of such comments can very well lead to a decreased level of respect for the team and demeaning of the work done by the entire placement committee. You might not value us, it’s fine, but please don’t accuse us of things that we didn’t do!


Student Placement Team  2014-15

NIT Rourkela



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