Workshop on Fracture Mechanics

Workshop on Fracture Mechanics

Mitesh Mishra | Aug 31, 2015

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering organised a guest lecture on 'Modern prospects on fracture mechanics and experimental methods' by Prof N.N. Kishore, IIT Kanpur on the 22nd of August, Saturday, in the Mechanical Engineering Seminar Hall.  The motive behind the workshop was to inform the participants from 2nd year onwards, of causes of fatigue failure and their prevention.

The registration was done on the spot at 8:30 am. Participants from BPUT, including two students and two faculties also participated in the event. Initially there was an entry fee of Rs 500/- but it was finally removed. The programme began with the inaugural function, where Prof. N.N. Kishore enlightened the participants about the concepts of stress analysis that have been drastically changing day-by-day. It was followed by another presentation from Prof. Bipin Bihari Verma, from the Department of Metallurgical and Material Science who is carrying on a research on Fracture Mechanics and corrosion failures and an internal lecture by Prof. Kishore on fatigue and impact loads as the major causes of failure in several engineering components including heavy-duty rotors, structures and bridges. A presentation cum lab demonstration session was organised soon after the lunch. Experimental techniques especially, stress analysis methods like Photo elastic test bench with computer interfacing along with stress-freezing oven available at the department where demonstrated.

A poster presentation on the modern concepts of stress analysis, fracture mechanics and material perspective, followed wherein 4 participants presented their work in form of a printed presentation. Presentations were judged by Prof. Kishore on the basis of the quality of research and explanation skills. All the registered participants were given certificates after lab visit in valedictory function. Speaking on the event Prof. J. Srinivas, member of the organising committee, mentioned:

“The idea was to lay the seed among the young minds of the developments in fracture mechanics and we succeeded in it.”

An Institute seminar was also conducted by the department on the following day on the subject “Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing and Tomographic Reconstruction of Elastic Constants in Composite Materials using Numerical and Experimental Laser Ultrasonic Data”. The audience gained valuable knowledge on the advancement in non-destructive testing of composite materials from Prof. N.N. Kishore.

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