A Joyous Welcome

A Joyous Welcome

Sanchari Dan | Sep 07, 2015

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On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, on the 5th of September, 2015, the Department of Ceramic Engineering welcomed the freshmen, who have joined the ranks of budding Ceramic engineers from our institute this academic year, into their folds.

The ceremony started with the welcoming of the professors with flower bouquets. The professors then inaugurated the fresher’s welcome ceremony by lighting the lamp. A first year student, Rohit, volunteered to come up on the stage and speak a few words about the role that teachers play in a student’s life, how they fulfil their roles as a friend, a philosopher and a guide, all the while taking care to impart to us as much knowledge as they possibly can.

Next on the dias was the Head of the Department of Ceramic Engineering, Professor Bibhuti Bhushan Nayak, who welcomed the first year students and motivated them towards staying true to their aim in life. Professor S. Dasgupta followed with another inspiring speech.

Professor S. Bhattacharya took the stage next to speak about life and philosophy and how people in the teaching profession selflessly devote themselves to the job of acquiring knowledge and passing it on to their pupils. Professors J. Bera and A. Paul took to the stage next to address the freshers.

Professor Shantanu Behera gave a motivating speech speaking about teacher’s day. Professor B. B. Nayak then gave a concluding speech. Next, the first year girls sang a melodious chorus to the song ‘Waving Flag’ followed by the first year boys singing ‘Aashayein’ in a group. Mruganka Mishra, a second year student performed a beautiful instrumental piece with the guitar to end the cultural programme. Finally, with the vote of thanks the ceremony came to an end.

The organization of the freshers welcome ceremony was successfully carried out by the second year students. The first year students earned acquaintance with many of the senior students and professors of their department through the ceremony. Team MM wishes the freshers all the very best fot their four years ahead as NITians.

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