Dark before the Dawn: Innovision 2k15

Dark before the Dawn: Innovision 2k15

Aratrika Ghose Abhishek Panda | Oct 19, 2015

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As autumn mellows out towards winter, the entire populace of NIT-R braces itself for the official techno-management gala, Innovision 2k15. This heralds the start of an exciting academic year ahead, with a plethora of fests for the students to enjoy. While the students bite their nails in anticipation, members of the Student Activity Centre (SAC) constantly work to put the event on a pedestal.


Basic Preparations:

This year the entire Technical Society has decided that they will leave no room for errors or mismanagement; which is why the majority of all preparations will be concluded before the onset of the Durga Puja vacations. So that, once everyone is back, all their time and resources can be employed in a fruitful manner towards ensuring perfection and success of the final event. When it comes to a fest that is conducted at such a huge scale, there comes the question of last minute crises. The time after the Durga Puja holidays is being kept as a buffer, to ensure that the grandeur of the final event is not affected by last minute changes.



The budget for Innovision this year is INR 15.5 lakhs. According to Soham Ghosh, Director’s Nominee, SAC, since there has been an increase from last year's budget and they thought of doing a bit of tweaking to the type, level and quantity of events, they wish to take Innovision 2k15 to the next level. Also, they were excited to see that there was an increase from last year's budget. He says, “We thought that if last year's fest could be such a success within the meagre budget, then we can do so much with the amount that has been allotted to us for Innovision 2k15.”



According to SAC Vice-President, Prof. Anil Singh, the finalised list of sponsors for Innovision comes out a week before the actual event. Hence, it is impossible to predict who the final sponsors will be. But the garnering process for sponsors has been dismal, as expressed by the Sponsorship team. There are no leaves granted for sponsorship acquisition trips. Hence, the team is unable to contact many sponsors personally, reducing chances of acquisition for the same. On 12th October 2015, the team had a meeting with Mr. B. B. Mohanty, the president of NITRAA. MCL has promised a sponsorship of INR 1 lakh based on the work that the team shall be carrying out throughout the fest. RSP and OCS have promised to provide financial support and are expected to follow through. Same is the case with Airtel, NALCO and IMFA. The biggest setback for the team was the scrapping of an INR 4 lakhs deal with Reliance. Reliance wished to use NIT-R as a platform to introduce its 4G plan. But the launch got postponed, much to the dismay of the organisers. Various alumni were contacted to extend their support but in vain. MySmartPrice and NIMBUS Entertainment refused to extend their support. The team also contacted Tech Mahindra, but were told that they are not into sponsorship. However, they convinced the Vice President of Tech Mahindra to appear as a chief guest for Innovision 2k15.



One of the major aspects of publicity is the Innovision Website which is already functional and live on the internet. The team behind this year’s website is carefully held in place by the immense and crucial contribution of one of the clubs under the SAC, Design Tab. The content team is also working really hard to motivate the masses. Whether it is by creating catchy taglines such as “Tech a Leap”, or by making teaser videos viral – they’re doing a fair job of captivating the attention of various audiences from both within, as well as outside the institution.

The decoration has also started, with majority of the work being done before the onset of the Durga Puja vacations. All finishing touches and last minute filling-in is being kept for that rushed lap before the final event, while the bulk of the work is being concluded even before the holidays start.

Clubs have already submitted the designs for their posters and they have been collected, selected and prepared for print. The only detail missing right now is the exact venues, which can be added only after a brief run-through of the expected event is carried out in order to be able to estimate the logistical demands and choose venues, accordingly.


What to expect this year?

Many interesting workshops are being conducted this time like the one on Perpetual Motion Machines. While these insights will not only increase the technical knowledge but also the realistic implementation of the same; they can raise awareness among people and help them to polish their ideas. In addition, some guest lectures and pro shows have been arranged which will add to the general quality of the entire event. Suman Mishra, Dean Nominee, SAC, says, “The aim of this year’s Tech-Fest, is to expand in terms of quantity, without letting it negatively affect the standard of the whole event.” One of the flagship events of this year’s Tech Fest is the Student Led Design Conference organized by ASME.



This year’s Pro-nite features performances by institute band Euphony along with the usual DJ night. Talks are on with East Indian Comedy group for a show, but it has not been finalised yet.


The Complication:

One of the biggest hurdles in the committee’s path right now is the clashing of the finalized dates of Innovision 2k15, with other fests and tournaments organized such as the Tech-fest of NIT Warangal, KIIT Model United Nations, IIT BHU Open Sports Meet and Antaragni in IIT Kanpur. In addition, TVF was supposed to come this year. Unfortunately, budgeting and planning issues prevailed and the plan was scrapped.


A Possible Solution:

With regard to the preparation pace and progress, organisers believe that the presence of a student body, which would be entitled to make decisions on its own, rather than simply seeking permission, could have speeded up the process considerably.

Since right now every major move requires the approval of the Vice-Presidents of the Society, work is mostly stalled in the weekends though there being no scheduled leave. Autonomy and a check over authority would be established by the help of a student body.

The organisers give their message to the NIT-R populace:

"We are doing our best to take Innovision 2k15 to a higher pedestal this year. Now it is your turn to make it an even bigger success by sharing the posts from the pages, by being an Alpha team Member and by organizing and participating in various events. Every drop counts in order to form an ocean. May the force be with us as we strive together, as million droplets in an ocean, towards attaining our potential by 'Tech'ing a Leap during this Innovision'15".

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