The Nascent Book Wrights

The Nascent Book Wrights

Abhishek Panda | Oct 19, 2015

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Prof. S.K. Patel from the department of Mechanical Engineering and Prof. S.N. Alam from the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, in association with Mr. Sanjib Islam, co-authored a book dealing explicitly with the applications of MATLAB. The book, Advanced Guide to MATLAB, deals with intricate topics of the eponymous software like optimization, numerical methods and animation. It is meant for students who have a basic grasp of MATLAB and aim to develop advanced skills in handling the same.

While it marks the debut of Prof. Patel as an author, it is the second book of Prof. Alam, with his first book being about the basics of MATLAB. His book “Understanding MATLAB”, by I. K. International Publishing House is a forerunner among works based on MATLAB and widely followed by students and teachers alike.

The major motivation to publish the book was based on Prof. Patel’s belief that MATLAB is required for students of all disciplines and the algorithms must be updated and transcribed to suit their needs. He teaches optimization to Post Grad. Students and they desired a platform containing proper MATLAB programming, from which he got a flash of inspiration for the book.  

The actual work for the book started two years ago in 2013. But, a bulk of the work was completed before 6 months of publishing. The professors took a lot of time to edit the book. Prof. Patel ascribes this to the fact that they wanted to omit any errors in their work and edited it thoroughly before the final publishing process. The MATLAB treatise is published by I K International, the same company responsible for Prof. Alam’s earlier publication. Hence, there were no issues in the publishing process and everything went smoothly, save for some delay issues. The major reason for the same was accredited to extensive formatting done by the publishing house. The people at I.K. International envisaged a book of high standard, which is clearly reflected in how the book turned out. Many parts of the book are in color and that’s how it was meant to be in the first place. The professors envisioned an interactive experience for the students reading their work and left no stones unturned for the same.

Prof. Patel wishes to continue working as an author and has two projects in the pipeline. The first one is about Basic Statistics and the other about Operation Systems. Prof. Alam wants to focus on his research and has no plans for the future, as far as bibliography is concerned. The writer duo is confident that their book will do well in markets and cater to the needs of students from all fields and disciplines of study. 

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