The Fading Appellation: Best All-Rounder Prize

The Fading Appellation: Best All-Rounder Prize

Megha Agarwal Abhipsa Nayak | Oct 19, 2015

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The institute awards gold medal to the best all-rounder student of the outgoing batch of B.Tech, B.Arch, Dual Degree B.Tech and M.Tech and Integrated M.Sc. students. It is particularly known as Prof. B. Behera Gold Medal for Best undergraduate All-rounder. The award was introduced to encourage the all round development of the students. The jury for selection of the best all-rounder consists of the Dean (Student Affairs), Dean (Academics), President, SAC, two faculty members nominated by the Director and Deputy Registrar/Asst. Registrar (Academics).

Norms and Selection Criteria:

A student has to score points out of 1000. Academic performance carries 400 points which is calculated by CGPA*40. Extracurricular activities have 600 points that includes excellence in technical activities, cultural activities, games and sports activities, excellence in music and films, Entrepreneurship and hall activities, Organizational leadership in societies of SAC. These are the six extracurricular criteria set up by the jury members that carry 100 points each.  In order to qualify for the Best All Rounder prize, a student must score CGPA 8.00 or above and minimum 50 points in at least three of the six criteria. And if no student satisfies these criteria, the gold medal for the Best All-rounder may be suspended for that graduating batch. Click here for more details (Refer to Page-23).

Procedure of selection:

A record is maintained of the students who indulge themselves in various activities, be it sports, cultural or technical activities. A student has to apply at the end of the semester in his final year for this award. The applicant who meets the minimum criteria as cited above will be considered eligible for this award.

However, for the past two years no one has received the best all-rounder prize. Team MM caught up with jury members to find out the possible reasons behind this.

Prof. K C Pati, Dean (Student and Welfare) says:

Many students are qualifying in the academic part but when it comes to extracurricular part they fail to secure minimum of 50 points in any of the three sections. They can even score points by participating in the events and volunteering in various activities. But students are not actively participating in the events and even many are not aware of the All-Rounder Prize. All the clubs should actively organize events throughout the year rather than just concentrating during fests. Encouragement among students is lacking and that is the reason why no one has received the prize for the last two years.

Prof. B. Majhi, Dean(Academics) says:

“Lack of awareness is one of the reasons that we are getting very less applicants for this. A circular will be sent through webmail so that students come to know about this award which may help the freshers to increase their points right from their first year, although this may not help the final years.”

Prof. Japes Bera (SAC President) says:

“SAC is doing everything to provide enough exposure to the students of NITR to showcase their talent in every field possible. If students come up with new ideas regarding this then it is most welcome.”

Director says:                                                              

“Apart from academics there are many aspects of growth and students need to shift their time to non-academics. Proper awareness is not created. Students can proceed in a planned manner to win the gold medal. An urge to excel in extracurricular and to compete for the prize is not there. Enough competitions are not being organized by SAC and the secretaries are solely responsible for it. Fest budget should go down so that the rest amount can be utilized in organizing events throughout the year.

NITR Students are of opinion that the norms are too strict to achieve this award. To this the jury replied that the rules and the minimum criteria will not be diluted in any case. Even if the students are unable to meet the minimum criteria this year or in the subsequent years then the best all-rounder prize will be suspended for that batch. According to the jury members the students have to try hard to reach that bar and make themselves eligible for this award.

While not lowering the norms is a nod towards a strict adherence to a standard of quality in deciding the best all-rounder, certain policy changes need to be made so that a substantial number of students get the chance to qualify. Creating awareness, year-long activities by all the societies of SAC, well organized intra and inter hall events, as well as an encouragement to participate in the various extra-curricular competitions outside the campus, can go a long way. 

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