Teaching Tenet

Teaching Tenet

Punyaja Dash | Oct 19, 2015

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Teach For India (TFI) is an Indian non-profit organization, which is a part of the Teach For All global movement. It aims to prove that a child’s demographics should not be the determining factor of his future and tries to provide children with the quality education they deserve.

Under their two-fold model, Teach For India recruits qualified Indian college graduates and young working professionals to serve as full-time teachers in low-income schools for two years through their fellowship program, and then go on to become an alumni force in different sectors, impacting education from their new positions. Fellows work to bridge the educational gaps that their underprivileged students face. They are offered INR 18000-19000 monthly, and the work experience gained in the two years is considered equivalent to three-year experience in any other company.

It currently has 1100 Fellows. The Fellows work across 209 schools in seven cities of India - MumbaiPune, New DelhiChennaiAhmedabad , Bengaluru and Hyderabad reaching approximately 38,000 students.  It is an adaption of Teach For America’s Theory of change in India.

The Training and Placement Cell of NITR reached out to Sharmistha Gangulee, Fellowship Recruitment Lead of Teach for India, who presented a PowerPoint presentation on Thursday, 8th October 2015 in PPA at 5:30 pm. It was attended by 127 students from varied branches and programs. The presentation inspired the students to join the fellowship program, and saw an enthusiastic response from students, as they fired questions and received convincing answers over a duration of an hour.

The deadline to apply online for the fellowship is 27th October 2015 and can be done by visiting their site:


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