Seemadri Subhadarshini | Nov 09, 2015

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It is often said that it’s better late than never. Although the freshers of the Department of Industrial Design got delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances but the enthusiasm, novelty and freshness were filled abundantly in the aura of LA 104 on 6 November 2015.

The freshers’ event started at around 7.30pm in the evening with a formal introduction by the freshers to the professors of Department of Industrial Design. Prof. Dhananjay Singh addressed the new-comers and welcomed them to the department. All the faculties were felicitated. After rigorous evaluation of their talent and inter-personal skills, Rajat Bhansali and Megha were declared as Mr. and Miss Fresher 2015. Throughout the evening, there was a friendly and jovial ambience set up where the juniors and seniors interacted about various aspects like the life at NITR, career choices, opportunity that Industrial Design provides etc. The food was sumptuous and well appreciated by all. In the end, everybody including the freshers, sophomores, pre-finals and final years stepped to the tunes of music. The evening ended with ecstasy and satisfaction in each and every heart.

However what was supposed to be a jovial evening turned out to be a headache for a few of the sophomore organizers. Having cleaned the room booked for the purpose of the freshers’ of all food packets and garbage, the organizers sought to get a clearance from the guard at LA in order to return the room keys at MB. The system now employed by the guards requires the attendant guard to check the room before signing an ‘all clear’ slip to be shown at MB while returning the keys. The system however turned to become a problem for the students as the guards insisted on the students carrying the garbage bags to the larger dump near the Ceramic Department Building, a job that ought to be performed by the cleaning crew at LA. The matter was resolved after having a chat with the deputy-in-charge of security, Mr. Panda. Perhaps it was a miscommunication along the chain of command of the guards, perhaps it was a misunderstanding of the order given to the guards manning at LA, however it makes us call for two simple things. Firstly, any new rules issued by the CSO’s office should be publicized via circulars and notices so that all students and authorities are aware of it. Secondly, common sense should always take precedence rather than threat of punishment, stringent rules or insensible commands. After all the security is in place for the safety of the students and to ease the access of the various amenities at NITR.  

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