Compounder’s Compounded Conundrum

Compounder’s Compounded Conundrum

The dispensary is one of the most important amenities available in the NIT campus. It serves all employees, their dependents and students on an outpatient basis. Monday Morning takes a closer look, in an interview with the Head of the Dispensary, Dr. C Bhattacharya.

MM: What are the facilities provided by the dispensary?
The dispensary has got its own building and is situated centrally in the residential area. At present it is manned by one full time Senior Medical Officer, two Medical Officers, three Visiting Doctors, one Senior Pharmacist, one Dresser, Attendant and Sweeper.Medicines are disbursed based on a relevant prescription generated online. Medical specialists visit twice a week while Gynecology and Obstetrics specialists visit once a week. There are two referral hospitals, Ispat General Hospital (RSP) and Community Welfare Society (CWS), where patients are referred for specialist opinion. Nearly 40,000 patients are served annually by the dispensary.

MM: Please inform us about the timings of the dispensary.
The dispensary provides services 6 days a week (except Sunday).
The working hours of the dispensary are as follows:
Monday through Saturday: 9.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. & 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., with only the forenoon session available on Institutional holidays.
Sundays and National Holidays: Fully Closed
But the emergency numbers can be dialed under grave circumstances, even beyond the designated timings of the dispensary.

MM: The dispensary is extremely far from the hostels. Can we have basic medical supplies being sold from outlets nearer to the hostel area?
I do not see the need for any medical outlets. The dispensary is not that far from the hostels. I do not believe a distance of 1km is quite that far. It is on-campus and quite approachable, so I would not prefer the existence of these outlets. If you are very sick, you can always use alternate modes of transportation like an auto or a personal vehicle.

MM: How well is the dispensary equipped to handle emergency cases?
Emergency cases are not treated in an outdoor-based hospital like ours. They cannot be dealt with here. So, we refer them to the CWS hospital located quite near to the campus. If there is a need for a CWS referral when the dispensary is closed, the emergency number is to be called where the doctor will provide the necessary advice.

MM:  What is the criterion for providing leaves? We have received reports that in several cases, students with genuine medical cases are still not granted leaves, as the doctors are reluctant to provide them. What can you say about this?
Genuine cases are always granted leave. If the doctor ascertains that the student is unable to go about his regular work with the degree of efficiency expected, we will provide leave. Remember, leave is not a right of the patient. It is awarded when the doctor ascertains if the student is able to perform his regular work or not.

Mild feverish conditions cannot be granted leave for. If a student feels sick during the first half of the day, he/ she should approach the dispensary then itself rather than wait for the evening.

If the student is unable to travel due to weakness, we have the emergency phone number for such cases, wherein one may seek advice from the doctors. Resting in their rooms is negligent and it is imperative that they go to the dispensary.

Remember, we are not the enemies of the students. We simply wish to avoid misuse of the leave being granted.

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