Festive Cheer - NSS Diwali Celebrations

Festive Cheer - NSS Diwali Celebrations

Sravan Potnuru | Nov 16, 2015

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Annwesha in association with NSS-NIT Rourkela celebrated Diwali here recently with Asha Deep (School for Mentally Challenged) and Sishu Bhawan (Orphan Child Care Unit) on 11 November, at 9AM in the VS Hall.

Annwesha is an organisation founded in June 2015 with the aim of spreading smiles among the various children benefit organisations around the city. It has worked in collaboration with NSS NITR to organise various fun events, on auspicious occasions like Diwali. The event was headed by Prof. D.P Acharya and coordinated by Mukesh Kumbhakar, Abhijeet Behera, Tanat Mahapatra and Lavanya. The guests included the Director Sunil K. Sarangi, Warden Jugal Mohapatra, Rajendra Prasad Panda, Founder of Annwesha, Rashmita Panda, General Secretary, Annwesha, Chittaranjan Brahma, Head of the Children’s Wing and Mr. Behera, Chairperson, Asha Deep.

The programme kicked off with breakfast being served out to the attendees, who savoured the delicious dosa with relish. A variety of indoor games like Chess and Carrom were laid out. After these fun events, the various dignitaries gave guest lectures followed by lunch and a special performance by two students.

In a speech by Jitesh Kumar, differently abled student of 2nd year of the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering:

We often are terrified by the problems thinking that we are different, but we also possess the ability to think and act differently. So go on and achieve your dreams.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with the same resources and to be born physically fit. This programme seeks to make sure that we provide the differently abled with the environment to make them happy. It truly was a noble and laudable initiative.

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