SPREADING JOY- One Child at a Time

SPREADING JOY- One Child at a Time

Sujitha Jayaraj | Nov 16, 2015

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As it has been said, charity begins at home. Commemorating the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which is celebrated in India as Children’s day, Monday Morning and Aasra jointly lent their helping hands to the poor children at the slum areas near OSAP Colony. This slum area is a workplace of Aasra where these children are taught by the members of Aasra on a regular basis. Members of Aasra, MM and a few others who contributed to this noble cause visited these kids.

Stationery packets that contained a notebook, 2 pencils and 2 pens were distributed to all the children in the slum area. To the children who were studying below class 5, crayons were given and to the students above class 5, Rangeela water colors, Odia-English translation workbooks and atlases (which was solely contributed by Aasra) were distributed. Much to the joy of the children there, sweets and chocolates were also given away.

Out of 200 such packets, 45 packets were distributed at OSAP Colony. The rest of the packets will be distributed at other Aasra workplaces in the due course of time.

The priceless smiles on the faces of these children again remind us of the importance of giving with no expectations. Putting aside all differences, helping those in need definitely lives up to the legacy our first Prime Minister would have wanted us to carry on. It is these small acts of kindness that make the world we’re living in a better place.

Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray.

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