A Trashy Attitude

A Trashy Attitude

Anonymous | Nov 16, 2015

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Cleanliness is an issue where everybody is on the same page. Everyone wants a litter-free, clean and green environment that looks good, smells good and feels good. The question, undoubtedly, is not whether someone wants a clean environment. But if we are all on the same side of the fence, then why does our thinking not shape the ground reality? Well, maybe the real question is much deeper than we think. Maybe it is our poor conduct, which certainly nobody wants to admit. The question turns out to be – What are we willing to do to keep our surroundings clean?

Not very long ago, a decision was made by the administration to curb the food delivery in the campus. The reason cited was its difficult disposal and eventual littering of the hostels. Although I do not argue the poor lucidity of this measure, but in the backdrop, I ask myself, was this decision made out of nowhere? I would not be surprised if this step was taken based on the history of conduct of the boarders.

Garden fests are celebrated by all hostels to mark the natural beauty of their respective hostels. But the appalling spectacle after the fest gets over is disastrous. With litter all over the place, I wonder, is this the beauty that we all had just celebrated?

The other day, I was at a friend’s room. Incidentally, the windows of that hostel do not have a wire mesh net. This has surely led to inconveniences among the boarders there. But a cause of inconvenience to one, may be a convenient approach to another. We were munching on food, and just as he got over with his share, he dumped the packets right down the window on the lawn outside. On questioning his uncivilised move, he reasons that the lawn is cleaned every day. And if we do not litter it, what will they clean? Awestruck, I gazed at him in pity. That is analogous to saying that crime should be committed so that the police can do their work! I insist on installing wire mesh nets on the window; not to prevent insects from coming inside, but to prevent the boarders from throwing trash outside.

These were some instances that I have observed through the years. There may be many more that are yet to be unearthed. But the subject of cleanliness, as trivial as it may seem, has grave impacts on a mammoth scale. It is the mentality of the people at the grass root level that shapes up the entire nation. I am only reiterating a lesson that we all are well aware of. Value education has been taught to all of us in primary school. We all know that it is wrong to litter our surroundings. But the question that lies is, do we practice what we preach?  

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