Choosing the Placement Cadre

Choosing the Placement Cadre

The Placement Committee of NIT Rourkela is made up of some of the most hard working students in the campus. The life of a Placement Coordinator isn’t easy. It involves a lot of work, often lasting upto 2 o'clock in the night. The work is very hectic, involving a lot of negotiation and management. Team MM caught up with a Placement Coordinator to enquire about the selection of the new Placement Committee, allowing for some much needed transparency in the process.

First off, there’s a webmail sent to every student eligible for being selected as a Placement Coordinator (PC). This includes third year B.Tech, fourth year M.Tech Dual Degree students, M.Tech, MA and MBA students. The students interested to become PCs are supposed to fill a form which asks for their bio-data, associated clubs, positions of responsibility, awards etc. and get it signed by their department professor responsible for placement and their HOD. Then the applications must be submitted to the Placement Committee for their perusal.

The application is only the first filter by which students are judged; tasks are given to the selected students to gauge their ability and performance. This is followed by two interview rounds. The interview panel for the first round of interview consists of representatives from the Placement Committee. In the second round, the student faces the Head of the Training and Placement Centre. In both the rounds, the information and certificates provided by the students as proof for the information they provide is verified.

The qualities that are looked for in a PC are mainly conversational skills, teamwork, diplomatic skills, negotiation skills and a dedication as a whole to all the students of NITR. This is especially important as 20 Placement Coordinators have to get around 1500 students placed. The respective boards from which the students have done their matriculation and senior secondary schooling does not affect the selection procedure in any way and is treated as general information. The number of active backlogs is a major criterion. Also, the candidates are not ranked on the basis of their CGPA. It is for approximating the student’s academic pursuit and whether the student can handle a position of such responsibility along with his/her academics.

Despite of the odd timings and the late hours female students are also involved in the Placement Committee; there are no extra hurdles for a girl to become a PC. Despite the PC Application asking for many details such as POR’s (Positions of Responsibility), Awards & Achievements, Class Rank, Clubs and so forth, the questions are not strictly mandatory. They are used to gauge the capability and current pressures that the student is under.

There has been a prevailing misconception that Intern Representatives have a better chance of getting placed in respectable companies. The incoming companies mostly prefer candidates who know their field of work well and also the experience of students as the intern coordinators is quite short termed thus it doesn’t add much glory to the CV either. The placement team wanted to recruit Intern Representatives earlier so that they could be trained for a longer time, but the idea was dropped in midway as it did not yield much success. The team will devise a new process to train the Representatives which is expected to get more internships for the campus.

This procedure for PC selection was implemented since last year. Earlier, two representatives were chosen by the students of the respective batch by elections. And then one of them became the PC based on the Committee’s choice. Now the students need to go through quite a selection procedure to become the PC. It is good in a way as anyone can apply for this position of responsibility and not only depend on their popularity among classmates. But it is also important that the PC has a good rapport with the students he /she is representing.

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