R&D in the spotlight

R&D in the spotlight

Megha Agarwal | Jan 19, 2016

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The department of Food Process Engineering has plunged into research and development and has quite a few projects in its undertaking. Professors are geared up to make new strides in the field of research. In the past six months the department has bagged grant for five projects by different funding agencies.

Ministry of Food Process Industries has funded a whopping amount of INR 1 crore to the project entitled “Creation of infrastructural facilities for human resource development in food industries.” The Project-in-charge is Prof. S. Mishra with co-PI as Prof R.C Pradhan. Prof. R.C Pradhan is also the lead in charge of the project entitled “Design, development and testing of an Aonla Pricking machine” which has received a grant of INR 10, 92,140 by SEED, DST, New Delhi. Science and Engineering Research board (SERB), DST, New Delhi has funded three projects namely “Extraction of Nutraceutical Components from Bottle Gourd Seeds Using Super Critical Extraction Technology” with INR 8, 40,000 with project lead as Prof R.C Pradhan. The second one is “Development of Cost Effective Microwave-Infrared-UV Assisted Continuous Sterilization Process for Spices” which received a grant of INR 53, 62,786/- with Prof P.P Sutar as the project in charge and the third being “Designing Emulsion-based Antimicrobial Delivery Vehicles for Prolonged Protection of Fresh-cut Fruit Systems against Food-borne Pathogens using Papaya as Model” with Prof. P. Sarkar as the project in charge which received a grant amount of INR 18, 05,000/-. Recently Prof. Sabyasachi Mishra also received another project on “Development of a microwave assisted UV sterilisation system for liquid food.” The project received a total grant of 32 lakhs by ICAR, New Delhi.

Needless to say this department is certainly leaving no stone unturned to reach new heights. With more plans and projects in the pipeline, team MM hopes that all endeavours are success and congratulates the department and the professors in charge for their achievement.

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