Broadening Horizons- FMS Review

Broadening Horizons- FMS Review

Sanchari Dan Sravan Potnuru | Feb 01, 2016

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The Film and Music Society (FMS) is NITR’s core entertainment hub. FMS is responsible for conducting of film workshops, movie screenings and the vastly popular Celebrity Nights. FMS consists of eight clubs, which include Euphony, Heartbeats, Drill n Bass, Synergy, Mavericks, Cinematics, Third Eye and Spic Macay; although Spic Macay functions independently.

The Celebrity Night is set to be a massive extravaganza this year, with 10 names having already been shortlisted. The final candidates will be announced after passing messages through the information portal as well as taking into account budget considerations. The current budget is tabled at INR 30 lakhs, which is felt to be insufficient to bring in A-list celebrities and make the event a success. According to Rishabh Tripathi, Convener, FMS, a shortage in the funds for celebrity night will be taken care of by the Dean, as promised by the Dean himself, so as not to compromise with the big names that can be brought in for the auspicious night.

The society’s future endeavors involve opening of special screenings at BBA where newly released movies will be made available to the NITR populace as soon as a day after their release, and conduction of special lectures by eminent film industry professionals and pioneers. These come under special efforts by the society to remain innovative, since they generally repeat the same events. The proposed Film Festival has been scrapped off the calendar for now owing to budget crunches and lack of a suitable time to accommodate yet another fest in the already crowded event calendar of NITR.

The society has spent INR 80-85 thousand in the past semester in workshops conducted by FMS independently. Apart from that, the registered clubs have expended according to their needs, the details of which lies with the respective faculty advisors. The remaining budget is being allocated for the talks by iconic personalities due to be scheduled soon.

The society faces a major issue in screening films, irrespective of their being Hollywood classics or Bollywood blockbusters, because many students prefer to download movies instead of going to the auditorium to watch a movie screened with a purchased DVD. This has resulted in turnouts of no more than 60 members for the past few screenings at BBA.

In a new deal with UFO, an independent entertainment firm, who are to be sponsoring this new screening process, films will be screened in the immediate weekend after the film release. These sponsors have their own equipment and screening rights, thereby reducing the hassles faced by FMS in obtaining these rights.

These screenings will be conducted in BBA using these specially obtained setups, including both video and audio setups. These proceedings are currently in the planning stage, and if they go through, will enable new movies to screen immediately. These screenings will be paid, with the maximum head cost being about INR 50. The timings will be tight and well- regulated. The movies will be varied, with screenings in Hindi, Tamil, and Odia. English movies will be screened taking into account demand from students. Responding to concerns regarding screening of regional movies impacting the global nature of the brand that NITR is, FMS believes that movie screening should not be restricted to the region. Since the movies screened will be dubbed versions, the regional bias should not be too much. This venture is expected to commence by March.

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