Cyborg does it. Again!

Cyborg does it. Again!

Nargis Jahan | Feb 01, 2016

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William Thackeray once said:

“Make the horizon your goal, it will always be ahead of you.”

This seems to be what the organizers of Kshitij - the largest techno-management fest of Asia organized by IIT Kharagpur and its participants believe in. Shakespeare might have rejected the importance of names but we would say names can sometimes add more meaning to a quest and be a covert positive influence. For you see Kshitij in Sanskrit means the horizon! While the organizers crafted intriguing events, the teams did all it would take to arrive at the best solution, stretching themselves far beyond their supposed limits.

This last week NIT Rourkela swept the field at the robotics events in Kharagpur, proving once again that our to-be engineers are amazing real life problem solvers. The entire assortment of exciting challenges was accepted by well over a couple of hundred teams from all over the country. Our institute was represented by a total of nine teams; five took part in Embetronix, two in Sherlock and one each in Sheldon and Warehouse.

The Sherlock team consisting of Sonali Agarwal, Rohit Suri, Prasanmit Nath and Omprakash Patra bagged the top spot and a cash prize of INR 20,000. This event involved path planning using data provided via NEC IR protocol and path following using magnetic headings from a sensor.

Following up on this victory was Team Sheldon with Sonali Agrawal, Rohit Suri, Mareesh Issar and Prasanmit Nath. They had to arrive at a solution of a mathematical expression to obtain either a maximum or minimum using given operators and operands and path following using Image Processing. This team ended up at the second place and brought back a handsome 14k reward.

Rohit Suri, Prasanmit Nath, Sanmay Patel, Dipam Chakraborty and Seemran Mishra led NITR to the first runners-up position with an impressive performance in Embetronix. They had to execute path planning and grid following, which they did excellently, pocketing fourteen thousand rupees.

And there was yet another victory! Using RFID to read data and perform desired operations using a gesture controlled bot, Abani Kumar, Siddharth Pujari and Diptarghya Santra earned the third prize and Rs. 10,000 in Warehouse.

As the members say and believe, Cyborg is not just a robotics club, it’s The Robotics and Automation Club of NIT Rourkela! The club has time and again proved itself worthy of praise and recognition, stunning its competitors in challenging events held in top technical institutes across the nation.

Surely a lot of concentrated efforts go into their accomplishments and in face of the tough workload, passion is what drives them. It is their sincere love for work, their dedication towards solving that tricky problem statement and their tireless pursuit of perfection that defines them.

On asked about the future of the club, just a word was enough to express their vision: progress. The club has always sought true innovation, as is evident from the fact that former Cyborgians have gone on to build start-ups. It is not just all circuit and code, it is also learning to manage and to lead, to support the others in a team and deal with sudden adversities with a coolness that solves half the problem.

Cyborg has seen great success in recent times and Team MM wishes the club the very best in all their dreams for the future; this is the age of automation and it is their time.

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