Myriad Shades of Spring Festivities: NITRUTSAV 2k16

Myriad Shades of Spring Festivities: NITRUTSAV 2k16

As majority of the populace pack away their winter garments and get ready to embrace the breezy vibe of spring, NIT-R had its own celebrations of the beautiful season in form of NITRUTSAV (NU) 2k16. The usual serene tone of the campus intermingled with the electric energy of students certainly beheld a sight for the sore eyes. Favorite events were enjoyed. Hitherto unseen events unfolded and garnered a lot of attention. It was a time for everyone to explore various ways one can enjoy a weekend.


Day 1:

5th February 2016 marked the beginning of NU 2k16. Registration desks were set up early noon and students started flocking in to take part in the proceedings. The inauguration, held at BBA, marked the official beginning of NIT-R’s cult fest. After the ceremonial lamp ignition, the director, Prof. S.K. Sarangi, gave the commencement speech in the presence of Dean (SW), Prof. K.C. Pati, Prof. Sushmita Das and Prof. S.K. Agarwal along with the student elected convener of the festival, Bibhu Prasad Das. SPICMACAY presented the crowd with a stunning performance by renowned Odissi artiste Smt. Prativa Panda and her troupe who enthralled everyone with their mystical performances. After the inauguration, NIT-R junta were treated to a soulful serenade by Heartbeats at LA lawns. The musical night, christened as Maktub, saw a lot of students gathering to witness amazing medleys performed by their members. With that, the first day came to an end.    

Day 2:

NU certainly didn’t disappoint in providing a plethora of events for students to participate in. But the one event which attracted the maximum crowd had to be India’s first app based treasure hunt, Urban Crusade, powered by Design Tab.  The event required participants to form teams of 2-3 and use their smartphones to unravel clues around the NIT-R campus. It was the flagship event for NU 2k16 and garnered the maximum participation of above 200. It started at 9:00 A.M. and students had to traverse every nook and corner to solve the harrowing puzzles and reach that much closer to victory.  Mishmash by Grapevine was an interesting event going on at the E.C. Seminar Hall. It started at 9.15 and was a collage making event. Teams of 2-6 members were given a theme of nostalgic 90s in harmony with the tone set by NU in general. Similar to Mishmash was Graffiti E Spruzzi by Chitraang. The first round began in SAC from 10:00 A.M. It was a wall painting competition and required a vivid imagination more than anything else. NU Roadies was a popular event and garnered decent participation. Much like the original show, participants were subjected to grueling physical and mental tasks to gauge their tenacity and resilience. It was held at NCC grounds and started at 9:30 A.M. Footloose (Solo), held in BBA, saw contestants grooving to their favorite tunes and performing myriad dance styles ranging from semi classical to hip-hop. NU had a lot to offer to the geek and it was a delight for them to revel in the adrenaline pulsing world of PC Games. Held in EE-302 of the Electrical Sciences building, it was a daylong event of absolute fun.

As far as fun events were concerned, the choices provided to the participants were plenty. Be it going crazy in the Karaoke on the SAC gardens or battling it out in Laser Tag at R.M. Hall, these daylong events ensured that participants remain engaged throughout.

Hourglass conducted their pilot event Colloquium in EE-101 of the Electrical Sciences Building. Basically a courtroom simulator, the event tested the imagination and lateral thinking of teams assembled to take part in the same. NU Journalist, a massively popular event by Clarion, struck gold yet again. With 196 participants, the event consisted of a situational murder inside a prison and students were asked to enquire suspects and find the culprit based on their reconnaissance. Held on the library lawns, the event started at 8:00 A.M. and continued till 5:00 P.M. Clarion had yet another event to offer that day in form of NU Bang JAM (Just a Minute). Held from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. behind the premises of BBA, the event was a time limited event in which participants were supposed to connect the pictures of a random collage in a minute and provide context to the same. It witnessed a collaboration with Urban Crusade, wherein they had to speak for a minute in this event. Rescripted was yet another endeavor by Clarion which garnered success. Held in the library from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., the event garnered a total of 97 participants. As the name suggests, it was an event in which a plot point of any popular work of art was changed and participants were supposed to predict the course of the storyline. It was quite popular among the masses and participants thoroughly enjoyed it.

Various workshops like Sand Art Workshop in SAC garden and 3D Painting Workshop were set up and spectators watched in awe as the art maestros gracefully worked on developing masterpieces to cherish.

Say it with Selfie was an innovative event in which participants were given a set of questions whose answer consisted of taking a selfie relevant to what was asked. It was a daylong event and started from the Chemical Dept. garden.

The afternoon of 6th February, 2016 marked the beginning of some other interesting events. The most popular one among them was Paper Dance, without a doubt. It commenced at SAC from 4 P.M. and featured teams of two dancing on pieces of paper while the paper folded after each wave. Collagination was held at the same place from 3:00 P.M. It was a collage making competition themed on “Hypocrisy of the elected” from newspaper and magazine cutouts, with participants using imagination to bring out the theme in a satirical manner. Mr. and Ms. NU, as the name suggests was an event meant to gauge confident personalities worthy enough for the title. In the evening, Footloose (Group) commenced in BBA at 5:30 P.M. Enthralling performances of the troupes mesmerized everyone and Synergy emerged as the ultimate winner. Following that, Into the Dojo by Martial Arts club of NIT-R, held at basketball court from 6:30 P.M. saw artists performing a mixed martial arts routine, much to the awe of the spectators. The day came to an end with India’s premium rock band, The Local Train performing at DTS in the evening. Their performance consisted of original tracks along with cult favorites that got everyone’s head banging.


Day 3:

The final rounds of many events were conducted on the final day of NU 2016. This included Urban Crusade, NU Roadies and Graffiti E Spruzzi among others. Fun events were on except Karaoke which was scrapped for that day. Clarion stole the thunder yet again with Lit-A-Lympics. Held on the library lawns from 10:00 A.M., the event garnered participation of 124. Basically a coupled team event, the participants were subjected to fun questions and trivia along with other puzzles. Splitsvilla, based on the eponymous reality show, was a 5 round show designed to test compatibility of partners. It was held in R.M. Hall and saw a decent participation of 20 couples. Hourglass launched yet another pilot event Four (4). It was a four round event and consisted of rounds of various types, ranging from puzzle rounds to enactment rounds. It started from 10:00 A.M. in E.C. seminar hall. For a pilot event, the reception was huge with around 100 participants coming in to take part in the same. Devil Follows was a daylong event held on Chemical Dept. lawns. It was a team event in which all participants in a group are blindfolded save one. That one person guides them to find objects scattered all around the place. Footloose (Duet), held in BBA at 5:00 P.M. saw spectators aplenty to witness dance performances of epic performances. Carve the Raw by Chef’s Club was a carving competition in which participants use vegetables to carve sculptures of their choice.

RITVIC had a run on the final day with three events to their name. While, Nidhi Anweshanam was a social treasure hunt held at LA lawns, Natyashatra was a stage play competition held in BBA with various teams showcasing their theatric skills to win the battle. It was immediately succeeded by Nukkad Natak, the street play competition. Contestants took a rustic approach to portray touching issues such as the plight of a transgender and moved the audience with their dynamic act. With that, twilight set onto the skies and students flocked to DTS to witness Fashionista, the official fashion event of NU. The stage was set on fire and the event continued until 8:30 after which Thermal Projekt set up an upbeat show for the participants to go cray and groove to the tunes of EDM, marking the end of NU 2k16. 

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