Scaling New Heights

Scaling New Heights

Sujitha Jayaraj | Feb 08, 2016

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Inter-disciplinary research seems to making waves in the technological world. Alok Ranjan who did his undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering is currently pursuing PhD in Mining Engineering has established his presence in the application of Communication Systems & Networks (COMSNETS) on Mines. His paper called Modeling of Wireless Communication in Underground Coal Mines won the second position in Best Poster Paper Award at the prestigious 8th IEEE International Conference on Communication Systems & Networks (COMSNETS) which was held at Hotel Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore from 5th January to 9th January, 2016. He was also awarded the COMSNETS Travel Grant of around Rs. 9000 which covered all his travel costs. The conference was indeed a notable one in the world of researchers and scientists. It saw the presence of multinational giants such as TCS Innovation Labs USA, TCS Innovation Labs Bangalore, Samsung R&D, Microsoft Research India, Adobe and many more from academia like University of Washington, University of Pennsylvania, CMU, Purdue University etc. Alok also interacted with mentors from the different vice presidents of worlds highly renowned organizations of which worthy mentions are CISCO, Qualcomm, XEROX, Amazon India and Flipkart who were invited as keynote speakers and were also part of the technical committee. A researcher from NEC Labs, USA expressed his interest on working with Alok on collaborative projects. Alok acknowledges the support from his supervisor Prof H B Sahu and co-supervisor Dr. Prasant Misra (RBCCPS, IISc.) who encouraged him inspite of all the career risks involved in Inter-Disciplinary research.

Team MM would like to congratulate Alok on his success and wishes him good luck on his future endeavours

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