Dusting an Elysian Visage

Dusting an Elysian Visage

Abhishek Panda | Feb 15, 2016

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The campus of NIT-R is one which boasts of being among the most serene campuses one could hope of going into. Cradled in the lap of nature, it provides a soothing contrast to the tedious monotonicity one simply can’t avoid struggling against. While it seems that the natural beauty provided by the campus is something straight out of a Tolkien novel, the recent advances made to augment its infrastructural arsenal have been kind of a letdown to the tree hugger. We do not have any problem with the construction work going on, though there are certain repercussions which everyone has faced at some juncture.


The road leading to Electrical Sciences via LA is tainted by dust storms. Huge volumes of dust always get strewn around that area and acts as an excellent source of discomfort and anguish to the students passing by that place. Someone once said “You need not be a heavy smoker to get T.B. here. Just walk by that path every day, for a year.” Everyone who has been through that would empathize with me. All the others who are wondering why I am writing this and probably think they have nothing to do with it, think again. The dust there doesn’t settle easy. It does travel to every area present and the effects might not seem visibly impactful but will have adverse effects to some degree, for everyone. Adding to that is the fact that heavy trucks pass by the path every day, releasing humongous amounts of dust and other particulate matter. Anyone unlucky enough to be present during the time these trucks pass by would be tormented to the point of asphyxiation.

  (Problems posed by dust , based on a random survey .)


As if this was not enough, various dust generation centers have stemmed during the past few years. This includes D.T.S, S.T.S.C and S.D. hall among others. Persisting dust and fine particulate matter possess myriad health and hygiene issues to the NIT-R populous. While some may say that the simple solution to this would be to avoid treading along the path altogether, the construction work doesn’t stop there. Dust would still be generated. Everyone’s faces would be covered in dirt still. Solutions should be implemented to ensure long term reduction of the matter at hand. Regular damping of grounds and paths can be done. Movement of trucks can be restricted to after-class hours. There are ways to check it and they need to be implemented. All I can hope for is that something be done about it and I can walk around the campus without having to cover up my face every minute.

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