Yasmin Kukul | Feb 15, 2016

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You wake up in the morning and feel the whole world pressing onto you. There are expectations to be met, there is good work to be done, there are peers to please. Adding to it, there is your own life to be made, your own passions to be followed, own wishes to be made to come true. And, each day has just 24 hours. There is never any time to do anything. A want to achieve something, be it for or against our wishes, and not being able to do it, or a little disruption in the normal way of things, or even a love that you almost found but failed to keep, is most of the times, the prime reason which forces a lot many into the dark recesses of depression. And this sets in a vicious cycle of trying to fight it and repeatedly falling back into it. But, I have this little theory inside my head.

I imagine a vast bare land. My eyes roughly scan the horizon and find nothing but emptiness. The hot sun blazes overhead. I bring myself to look around this emptiness again, closer scrutiny this time. And I find a little patch of grass. This sets off my imagination again. I go down till the roots, and my eyes penetrate the ground and I see a network of more roots spread out underneath. From what I have learnt in Science, these roots are feeding on the little amount of moisture that they can find. And from there, I gather that there is a little creek somewhere below. Unnoticed, but potent. In my theory, this creek widens after a long way. And it keeps widening until it holds enough water to feed the mighty river that laps at the shore, all inside my head. Parallel to it, there is another scene going on. Wherein I am sitting along that river, looking at the blue around me. I see so much water, so much blue, so many ripples, that the idea of a little creek filling that river, doesn't even bother presenting itself to me.

But I am looking at both the scenes simultaneously. And that is when I understand. That is when I realize that the little creek is the hope that feeds the big river of depression. We look at the vast expanse of gloom, despair and misery and completely overlook the little ray of hope that burns small but bright, that wishes to be noticed, that wants to scream out loud, through our tears, that it's still there. Hope wants to be heard, hope needs to be heard. Hope wants to be able to console us by saying, "Hey. I am never leaving your hand, okay? I am right here. Please hold on some more?" But more often than not, we hush it up. We let hope's rival invade us. We let it destroy us. Little do we realize that each time we think of giving it all up because something is not going right, Gloom smirks a little wider while Hope droops its eyes to the floor.

Yes, the concept of destiny does exist. But it is not about whether it is meant to be or not. Destiny is a bridge. A bridge that we build to our wishes, to our dreams, to the one we love and to our future. And what shapes destiny, is what we are willing to do about it and the hope within us. Life isn't about letting ourselves fall into the darkness, it is about shining our ray of hope and illuminating others lives too. Because when every single person shines his ray of hope, every single ounce of darkness will fade, Gloom will hold its head low and it will be beautiful all around. Because hope has great power and sometimes, moulding and shaping our destiny might in itself, be our destiny.

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