Bridging the Industry-Academia Gap - Prof H K Mishra

Bridging the Industry-Academia Gap - Prof H K Mishra

Aratrika Ghose | Mar 07, 2016

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Professor H. K. Mishra of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, had been invited to deliver a series of lecture from 20th September to 1st October, 2015 by Tata Steel, on the subject of “Coal and Coke Petrography”. Prof. Mishra who was previously a general manager at Coal India Limited, before joining this institute as a visiting faculty was sought especially because of his expertise and experience on the subject. He is the only Indian to be a full member of the International Committee of Coal Petrography and has been accredited by the committee for his valuable contribution in this regard.

For the last 25 years he had been researching on Coal Petrography, which is very broadly the study of the microscopic properties of coal. It is well known that the Indian variety of coal, though high in rank has very high ash content and low volatile matter content because of which it finds use mostly in Thermal Power Plants. However, if they can be washed appropriately and further blended with imported or indigenous coals, they can prove to effective coking coals for use in the various steel industries.

The series of lectures were spanned over eight hours, each day and comprised of both theoretical sessions and hands-on practical workshops. He addressed Tata Steel’s young scientists, engineers as well the graduates who had recently joined their institute. Even senior executives came to these lectures to learn about this unique concept  of coal washing that would enable them to use the more abundantly available Indian coals in their steel manufacturing processes.

Prof. Mishra emphasizes on the importance of such an enterprise because it helps to strengthen the industry-academia relationship that is practically non-existent in many cases. As he was invited by Prof. S. K. Sarangi to develop this department into one of the leading branches of this institute, he believes his experience from the industry will also help to give back more to his students in NITR. He has already purchased a microscope for the department and will be setting up a Laboratory in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences on Coal Petrography to train his students.

Team MM congratulates Prof. Mishra on his accomplishments and appreciates his enthusiasm in seizing such opportunities to better the status and accelerate the progress of the Department.


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