A Spectacle of Idols

A Spectacle of Idols

Shweta Das | Mar 14, 2016

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With the onset of Sunday morning, NITR witnessed the commencement of many events, including NITR’s very own ‘Mr. and Miss ISM, an event with the intent to bring out people’s best skills into perspective.

The event commenced at around 11 am in BBA and consisted of two rounds. The first round started off with the participants answering 10 questions of fun and wit on the basis of which they would proceed to the next round. The whole event was judged by student convenors namely, Medha Rath, Srikar Potnuru and Jyoti, which raises the question on the qualification of the judges and their judgement. The competition witnessed the participation from students of India as well as the participants hailing from other countries like USA and Nepal. In the final round, the 9 short-listed candidates from the first round had to undergo an interview round with the judges, plus entertain the audience by showcasing their talents for a minute. With the onset of mesmerizing performances, the audience started to grow in number.

The chapter closed with the announcement of winners: Nischit Mishra, as Mr. ISM and Bria Williams and Duschen Wangmon shared the title of Miss ISM. The event got over at around 2:30pm with the felicitation of the winners. 


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