The Step Overs and Turns: Futsal

The Step Overs and Turns: Futsal

Shuvankar Mishra | Mar 14, 2016

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Futsal is one of the most popular forms of sport, derived from the obviously popular football. The most common form of futsal involves five players a side and is typically played on a smaller indoor pitch. The absence of a proper futsal court in the institute however hasn’t been able to dampen the enthusiasm for the sport. One of the regular events in the ISMs, futsal is easily one of the most successful events too.

This year saw a better organisation of the event as the tournament was wrapped up in two days, with twenty nine matches spread over the weekend. The event was participated in by twenty six teams in total – twenty four men’s teams and two women’s teams. The tournament was played out in the league format followed by knockout styled semifinal and final matchups. As a first, the tournament saw participation by women’s teams.

As such, the rules of futsal bring out the more glamorous parts of football, leaving little scope for the other aspects. The above fact, combined with the general level of footballing in the institute, make up for an alluring spectacle – the event saw quite an enthusiastic audience.

‘CSPUR United’ won the men’s tournament and were followed by the team ‘Dark Knights’ who ended up as the runner-up. The women’s tournament was won by ‘GCBS’, a team of Bhutanese girls.

One of the better events under the sports category, the event could be bigger and better in the future ISMs.


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