The Death Overs: Super Eight

The Death Overs: Super Eight

Shuvankar Mishra | Mar 14, 2016

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Trying to fit in the entertainment, that a regular t20 cricket tournament is, into the three day schedule of ISM 2016, super 8 is a modified version of the religiously popular ‘street cricket’. The name of the event derives from the ‘eight overs an innings rule’. Super 8 has been one of the most engaging events in the past ISMs, as it was in the ISM 2016.

The event received a total of twenty two teams, with twenty one of them being from NITR. The tournament was played out in the STS grounds and was won by one of the teams from NITR. Compared to last year, the event received greater participation and has seen growth in terms of the rules, which have been tweaked to keep the event interesting. In what could otherwise have been a typical example of a successful event, the event witnessed its share of managerial hurdles.

Commenting on the organisation of the event, Manoj, one of the coordinators for the event, opines that the event could have been better worked out had they been allowed to conduct matches in the night.

Overall, the event was a success and received quite some enthusiastic participation. Hopefully, the next ISM will see a bigger and better version of the event.


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